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National Small Business Week

Two Sisters Left Corporate America and took the Leap of Faith
Quail Valley Pharmacy

We wrap up our celebration of Small Business Week by sharing one more small business story! Meet Vanese and Vikki, two sisters that took the leap of faith and left corporate America to start their own business.

Vanese wasn’t happy at her job and decided to do something different. Having a specific degree, Vanese knew she had to stay within the pharmaceutical industry, which led her and her sister to open an independent neighborhood pharmacy in Missouri City, Texas.

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Persistence and Patience Leads to success for our Hat Lady
Hat Lady

Even though Small Business Week is ending, we’re still celebrating by sharing stories of small business owners! Today, we meet Lisa Battaglia, the hat lady. Lisa designs hats that reinterpret vintage aesthetics to live in the modern world.

Lisa knew in college that she wanted to be a business owner; she saw a niche in the marketplace for hats and had an instinct that hats would return as a part of fashion.

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One Part Know-How, Three Parts Passion – A Recipe for Small Business
Original Nutrionals

It’s Day 5 of National Small Business Week, and we are celebrating by sharing the story of a small business owner each day! Meet Logan Gelbrich and Chris Coscino, the inspiring young entrepreneurs behind Original Nutritionals from Laguna Beach, Calif.

As a pro ball player, Logan learned to eat with purpose, and he quickly began to see a gap between athletic performance and the public perception of supplements. On the one hand, athletes were hearing “eat real foods” from their trainers, and on the other hand, the public was hearing something different.

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Discovering Nature through the Lens of Fluorescence

It’s Day 4 of Small Business Week and we are celebrating by sharing the story of a small business owner each day! Meet Charlie Mazel from Bedford, Mass., founder of NIGHTSEA, which provides solutions for viewing and photographing fluorescence underwater, on land, and in the laboratory.

What’s fluorescence, you ask? Simply put, it’s when something glows a visible color when exposed to specific light sources, for example, ultraviolet light. (I apologize to all the scientists out there for my overly simplified explanation.)

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Small Business Owner Buzzing

It’s Day 3 of Small Business Week and we are celebrating by sharing the story of a small business owner each day! Meet Laura Kimball, part of a husband-and-wife small business owner team from Arrington, Tennessee.

Laura and her husband, Jeff Otto, spent years working for newspapers. After realizing that the newspaper industry was having a hard time, they needed other options.  Around 2005, they started “keeping bees,” since they always wanted to own and operate some kind of business that relates to farming and agriculture.  Rather than always wondering “what if,” the couple took a leap of faith and began TruBee Honey, a business specializing in pure, raw honey in glass jars.

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Patient Scrubs: A Prescription for Dignity
I Love Small Business

It’s Day 2 of Small Business Week and we are celebrating by sharing the story of a small business owner each day. Meet Nancy Hart, breast cancer survivor, author and founder of Patient Scrubs in Tennessee. Nancy has been giving patients back their dignity for nearly 10 years through her innovative hospital clothing.

It all started in 2003 when her husband, a retired Florida highway patrolman and sheriff’s deputy, went into surgery. She quickly realized that the hospital clothing provided to her husband didn’t allow for decency, so she hand-stitched an outfit that provided decency and allowed hospital staff easy access to provide the care for her husband.

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Recipe for Small Business Shipping Success
Small business shipping

When I was little, I liked to pretend I was a television chef with all the tiny bowls of measured ingredients, laid perfectly in reach, ready for me to quickly whip up some culinary perfection. It didn’t take me long to realize I couldn’t do much of anything “quickly.” Television magic conspired to make recipes look easier than the reality.

So, while there’s no cake in the oven awaiting its dramatic reveal, there is real merit to mise en place: everything you need is right at hand. So when action is required, you can hit the ground running.

That’s the thought behind our new Small Business Resource Center — except all those tiny bowls prepped by a swarm of assistants are now helpful videos, demos and frequently-used tools prepped by UPS (your swarm of assistants).

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Living a Stylish Dream
I Love Small Business

It’s Day 1 of Small Business Week and we are celebrating by sharing the story of a small business owner each day! Meet Siri, an inspiring young entrepreneur from the San Francisco Bay Area.

At 23 years old, Siri Casper couldn’t imagine working as hard as she could for someone else’s dream. If Siri was going to give 100% of her time, energy and passion, it was going to be for a legacy she would create.

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Recognizing Small Businesses: The UPS Store Celebrates Small Business Week
I love small business

With Small Business Week just around the corner, The UPS Store is gearing up for a busy week to celebrate small business owners. A few highlights of next week’s activities:

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Small Busines Video: Speech Privacy Systems
Speech Privacy Systems

How many times have you wished for more peace and quiet at your office, or for the person in the cube next to you to use their “inside voice” so you could get work done?

Small business Speech Privacy Systems helps solve problems like that.  They sell equipment that masks and reduces the travel of speech.  Systems range in scale from personal devices to systems that discreetly cover entire facilities.  They are especially useful in environments where speech is either distracting to others or needs to be obscured due to the confidential nature of what is being said. 

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