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New York City Marathon

2011 NYC Marathon – From a Volunteer’s Point of View
UPS package cars

You might have read there was a race on November 6 up in New York City. Gathered a lot of media attention. Some guy ran 26.2 miles in just over two hours. Along with about 47,000 of his closest friends. Pretty impressive.

What you may not know is some 300 UPS volunteers managed to move 46,795 bags of personal gear—sweats, shirts, hats, keys, cell phones—from the start of the race on Staten Island all the way to Central Park on race day. All in the span of a few hours.

The runners get the glory, and they deserve it, but here’s to the UPSers who gave up their weekends to pull off their own remarkable feat.

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Same Day Delivery? UPS Makes it Happen for The ING New York City Marathon
Empire State Building

Have you ever wondered how runners in the ING New York City Marathon this Sunday will get their coats, sweats, street shoes and keys from the start to the finish? One thing’s for sure: you won’t see them lugging backpacks through the streets of New York City!

They do what a lot of us do when we need something important delivered – they rely on UPS.

For the 15th consecutive year, UPS will be trusted to deliver runners’ personal effects to Central Park where they will pick them up at the end of the race.

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At 75-Years-Young, UPSer and Marathoner ‘Miss Mary’ Exercises for the Health of It
Mary Hansford

Mary Hansford is a walking example of motivation. She has worked at UPS for 15 years, had an entire previous career as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant before retiring and run the New York City Marathon — all by the young age of 75, or going on 76 as she proudly points out.

Miss Mary, who works at UPS’s Worldport global air hub, started her career at UPS as seasonal help in 1996 to earn a few extra dollars. Close to 15 years later, she is still at it, attributing her ability to keep at it to years of healthy living, running marathons and the sheer desire to stay active. She has no plans to retire any time soon. “I’ll know when it’s time to retire, and that time isn’t here yet,” she said.

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Love and Logistics on the Run at the NYC Marathon

There’s no doubt about it … planning a wedding involves logistics. Ordering flowers, selecting a reception site, hiring a minister are just a few of the details couples consider. So when The UPS Store owner Mark Taylor and his wife Nina decided to marry while running in the New York City Marathon, they took wedding logistics to a new level.

Mark and Nina met at the New York City Marathon in 1999. One year later, the race offered the ideal occasion to exchange marriage vows. The couple took a short break during the race for their ceremony at the 17-mile mark. And just a few weeks ago, Mark and Nina did it again by renewing their vows at the same spot while running in the 2010 New York City Marathon. UPS also has a close association with the race. Some 350 UPSers and 71 delivery trucks organized and stored belongings for the marathon’s 43,000 runners during the race.

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