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We Offer Tips to Video Spoof “How UPS Deliveries Actually Work”

Last week, people got a chuckle from a video that spoofed UPS deliveries. We have to admit that it was entertaining. But the video does raise some interesting questions:

  • What should you do when you get a UPS InfoNotice?
  • How do you re-direct deliveries to another address if you’re away?
  • What does “driver release” mean?
  • Are there other options available for managing your deliveries?

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How Greener Shipping Can Make You More Green

Scott Wicker, vice president of sustainability and corporate plant engineering, is the author of an opinion piece published on the Environmental Leader site:

Sustainable shipping practices are vital to securing procurement contracts at the world’s largest retailers, including Wal-Mart and Home Depot. They also appeal to a key group of consumers who demand green behavior from business. Green shipping doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, there are four simple things you can do to make your shipping operations truly green, earning more profit at the same time.

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More Shipments Move with the Lift of Air Restrictions in Europe

The word of the week was “spew,” as in the Eyjafjallajokull volcano is spewing ash in the atmosphere. For the past several days, the world was transfixed by the geological activities happening in Iceland that forced most of Europe to close its airspace. Fortunately, flight restrictions have been lifted and companies like UPS are able to resume flights into and out of Europe.

As we’ve seen with earthquakes, hurricanes and now volcanoes, natural disasters create challenges for transportation networks. At UPS, we relied on our extensive ground network in Europe and some clever contingency plans to keep a large amount of package volume moving. Like re-routing shipments from Asia that were destined for our Cologne hub to Turkey instead.

But it is inevitable that a backlog of shipments occurred. Package pick-up service for all UPS services in Europe will take place today. And while we’re working hard to deliver the remaining packages in our facilities, some express shipments may still experience delays. For the latest details on shipping to and from Europe, see our service update at ups.com.

Returning Gifts is Easy with UPS

The craziness continues weeks after the holidays as people return gifts and retailers are busy processing them. But this craziness doesn’t have to be so crazy because a well-managed returns program can actually benefit a retailer. 

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Brownie Points: Fun Facts About the Color Brown

Want to earn some brownie points for your next trivia game? Since our busy holiday delivery season is at hand, you might want to make yourself an expert with these fun facts about UPS’s favorite color.

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Mr. Four 25s: Profile of a UPS Driver

UPS is well known as a company that promotes from within. I’m a great example of that policy in action. I started with UPS in 1978 while still in high school. I was 17 and remember how intimidating the hub environment felt to me. Years later I would consider that hub, a maze of conveyor belts and steel girders, my second home. And exactly 10 years after I started with UPS I was still there, but instead of loading trucks I was riding on one with a driver in the ultra-rural northwest corner of Wisconsin. My job at that juncture was to produce a monthly magazine that UPSers in Wisconsin received in their homes.

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The accidental lessons of Twitter monitoring for UPS

Since February 2009, I’ve been watching the waterfall of information flowing from Twitter, perhaps the most popular social media network today. I’m looking for keywords like “UPS” and “ups.com,” hoping to catch our customers as they converse about our company. And believe me, customers talk about us all the time.

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10 Years as a Public Company

UPS celebrated its 102nd birthday last August but it marked another milestone earlier this month—10 years as a public company.

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