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The Highs and Lows of Temperature-Sensitive Shipping
temperature controlled

Here in Atlanta, summer has now given way to early fall, which is bad news for the HVAC industry but a welcome change for Atlantans.

This time of year is also welcome to shippers of temperature-sensitive products. A package containing insulin, which must be protected from excessive temperatures, will remain unspoiled longer on a Minneapolis doorstep at 60 degrees Fahrenheit than on a Phoenix doorstep in 105 degrees.

Optimizing the design of temperature-sensitive packages can help ensure that package contents will arrive in optimal condition by staying within the  designated temperature range through the transportation process. Avoiding spoilage is not, however, only about the package itself; it’s also about the ambient temperatures in the environment that the package will pass through.

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College Athletics: It’s All About the Tickets (Video)
college campus

I’ve had a front row seat as the Athletic Ticket Manager at Appalachian State University for seven years. When I started, we sent out 5,000 season tickets. That’s doubled to 10,000 season tickets which are distributed to more than 2,500 fans. That’s a lot of tickets needing the right shipping logistics to get to our fans.

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Video: The 3 Parts of Sustainable Packaging
eco responsible packaging

This week out in San Diego, California, our Senior Manager of Sustainability Solutions, Arnold Barlow, will be speaking at the Sustainable Brands conference.  It’s a gathering of people from large corporations as well as start-ups to discuss forward-thinking ideas about improving the future. 

Arnold will be talking about “Innovations in Sustainable Packaging”. We caught up with Arnold before he headed out to California to talk about our Eco Responsible Packaging Program.  He explains the three elements of sustainable packaging: damage prevention, cube optimization (product to package ratio), and materials selection.

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UPS Sponsors Fashion Innovation to Deliver Couture to Market
UPS Country Manager Harld Peters with students (l-r) Gijs Houdijk, Koen de Greef, Frits Stam

How do you keep chiffon shimmering, pleats well placed and crape un-crushed as high-fashion garments are shipped across the globe from the runways of Milan to the racks in the posh shops of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills? As both fashion designers and retailers know, shipping clothes presents a special challenge. Delicate fabrics can shift, fold, wrinkle and crease inside a box, and intricately constructed garments can lose their shape in transit. UPS looked to industrial design students at the University for Technology Eindhoven (TU/e) in the Netherlands to find a new way to ship haute couture garments sustainably and keep them pristine as they travel from plane to package car through the UPS network.

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Sloppy Joes Travel the Distance

It’s the start of summer and what better way to celebrate than by going on a picnic. First step: deciding what’s on the menu. Maybe it includes your favorite sandwich, some chips and iced tea. 

Chances are you haven’t tasted Town Hall Deli’s famous “Sloppy Joe.” Piled high with roast beef, turkey and topped with their famous secret sauce, this sandwich brings joy to customers living near the deli in South Orange, N.J., as far as California and everywhere in between.

There are several ways to make a ‘Joe. It all depends on how you like it. “The original is made with tongue, ham, coleslaw and ‘secret’ sauce on top of thinly sliced pullman rye bread,” said Tony Wonski, owner of Town Hall Deli. Other options for those less adventurous include turkey, roast beef, tuna and egg salad.

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When it’s Hot Outside, UPS Helps Anderson Seafoods Keep Deliveries Cold

At UPS, we ♥ logistics and ♥ our small business customers

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of grilling season and if you’re hosting a holiday BBQ make sure you have plenty of tasty grilled eats like chicken, burgers and veggies. And if you want a healthy option, throw some seafood on the grill. 

From shrimp and scallops to salmon, UPS small business customer Anderson Seafoods has it. The company has been providing seafood to high-end restaurants and hotels for more than 30 years, but now my weekend chef friends can shop and order right from the company’s website. “We’re delivering Alaskan Halibut, Copper River Salmon and West Australian Lobster Tails right to people’s homes,” said Dennis Anderson, chief executive officer. If you order by 1 p.m. PST today, UPS will ship it Next Day Air and have it arrive on your doorstep by 10:30 a.m. tomorrow.

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas at The UPS Store

The UPS StorePacking Tips from a Holiday Veteran

I am not ready to confess publicly how many Christmases I have seen in my lifetime … but I have spent 27 of them in the shipping industry, seven of which at The UPS Store. There are a bunch of stories to tell—some that would make you cry and many more that would make you laugh!

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How Greener Shipping Can Make You More Green

Scott Wicker, vice president of sustainability and corporate plant engineering, is the author of an opinion piece published on the Environmental Leader site:

Sustainable shipping practices are vital to securing procurement contracts at the world’s largest retailers, including Wal-Mart and Home Depot. They also appeal to a key group of consumers who demand green behavior from business. Green shipping doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, there are four simple things you can do to make your shipping operations truly green, earning more profit at the same time.

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Tips to Ship Your Mother’s Day Gifts

The UPS Store Pack and Ship PromiseUPS and Mother’s Day have a lot of connections. On August 28, 1907, UPS was born when Seattle teenager Jim Casey opened a messenger service, in no small part to support his mother. Just a few months later, on May 10, 1908, Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia began Mother’s Day as a way of reflection and an opportunity to spend time with one’s mother. Over a century later, Mother’s Day has become the third most popular holiday.

In days past, spending time with mom was an easier thing to do. Many people remained in the community where they were born and multi-generational families sometimes lived in one home, just like the Waltons. 

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Eco Responsible Packaging Program

UPS Eco Responsible Packaging ProgramHave you ever ordered something and found yourself puzzled to find a relatively small product shipped in a really large box? Worse, have you ordered something only to open up the package to find the product damaged? Increasingly, shippers are faced with not only ensuring that their products reach their final destination in perfect condition, but doing so in a sustainable way. UPS recently announced a new product designed to evaluate the sustainability of a shipper’s transport packaging system. 

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