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The Last Stand of the Brand: The Rise of Biologics

In the movie “X-Men: The Last Stand”, the fictional pharmaceutical company, Worthington Labs, develops an inoculation to suppress the gene that gives mutants their super-powers, offering the “cure” to any mutant who desires it.  The “cure” was derived from the DNA of a young child whose powers included suppressing other mutants’ abilities.  Although this scenario is fictional, some pharmaceutical therapies are actually being manufactured today in the form of biologics.   Some characteristics of biologics are:

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UPS Delivers Something Chilly to Philly
purple viles

In this first full week of fall, UPS rushed in cooler temperatures at the Cold Chain & Temperature Management conference in Philadelphia. (Yes, there’s a forum for everything.) At the conference we unveiled a “cool” new air freight container called PharmaPortTM 360. Picture a pharmaceutical-grade flying refrigerator that safely keeps medicines like vaccines at the right temperature while being shipped. Well, this isn’t your everyday Frigidaire.

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Open Up and Say Ahhh: Taking the Temperature of Healthcare Supply Chains
Pain in the (Supply) Chain healthcare survey

UPS recently announced the results of its fourth annual Pain in the (Supply) Chain healthcare survey. Every year the survey gives us a chance to take the pulse of what’s keeping healthcare supply chain executives up at night.  With so many dynamic and complex changes happening in healthcare and the effects on supply chains, sometimes I wonder if these people are getting any sleep!

From pharmaceuticals edging toward the “patent cliff” and flooding the market with generics, to reform changes and mounting regulatory pressures, to the challenges of reaching patient populations in emerging markets – one thing is certain – change is the only constant in healthcare. At UPS, we have dedicated healthcare teams globally whose job it is to monitor these trends, but more importantly, address these challenges with customers and come up with solutions. So, whether it’s through our Pain in the Chain survey, our annual Healthcare Forum customer conference, or everyday talks with our customers, we’re constantly taking the temperature of healthcare supply chains.

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