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Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors Homeward Bound

Terra Cotta WarriorsFor the past year, I’ve had the honor – and yes, the occasional headache – of being on the UPS project team responsible for transporting a priceless exhibit of 2,200-year-old Chinese terra cotta warriors, horses and other artifacts in a coast-to-coast tour. This week, after hundreds of thousands of people viewed the exhibit, the life-size terra cotta warriors returned home to China.

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More Shipments Move with the Lift of Air Restrictions in Europe

The word of the week was “spew,” as in the Eyjafjallajokull volcano is spewing ash in the atmosphere. For the past several days, the world was transfixed by the geological activities happening in Iceland that forced most of Europe to close its airspace. Fortunately, flight restrictions have been lifted and companies like UPS are able to resume flights into and out of Europe.

As we’ve seen with earthquakes, hurricanes and now volcanoes, natural disasters create challenges for transportation networks. At UPS, we relied on our extensive ground network in Europe and some clever contingency plans to keep a large amount of package volume moving. Like re-routing shipments from Asia that were destined for our Cologne hub to Turkey instead.

But it is inevitable that a backlog of shipments occurred. Package pick-up service for all UPS services in Europe will take place today. And while we’re working hard to deliver the remaining packages in our facilities, some express shipments may still experience delays. For the latest details on shipping to and from Europe, see our service update at ups.com.

Behind the Scenes Commentary: UPS Worldport on History Channel’s Modern Marvels

It’s a must-see television event, a sweeping tale showcasing man’s epic struggle against nature, high-tech gadgetry, international big business and a nation’s army on the move.

Sounds like pretty good TV, huh? What is it, you ask? The latest blockbuster from Jerry Bruckheimer? A two-hour “McGyver?” A very special episode of “Blossom?”

Actually, it’s the latest installment of the History Channel’s excellent series, “Modern Marvels,” and it features Worldport, UPS’s international air hub. Starting tonight, the show will air on cable and it might be worth your while to watch.

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For the UPS Logistics Team, the London Olympics begin in Vancouver

The UPS team helped move Team GB (Great Britain) to the Vancouver Winter Games.Tonight, the world celebrates the start of the Vancouver Olympic Games. For the UPS team assisting with the London Olympics, it is a milestone on the journey to the 2012 Summer Games.

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In Shanghai, UPS Employees Keep Busy with Chinese New Year Celebrations Just Around the Corner

Cavan Shang, Assistant Supervisor, Shanghai Hub Sort OperationsMy work day (or rather my nights) as an assistant supervisor for sort operations at the Shanghai hub are busy. Chinese New Year is the start of the Spring Festival holiday and our team is working around the clock to keep packages moving. Read More »

Disaster Relief: Why Corporations Need to Give More Than Cash

UPS Foundation President Ken Sternad is the author of an opinion piece published on The Huffington Post site:

The earthquake in Haiti has sparked a remarkable global outpouring of generosity. But the relief effort’s success depends on more than donations of cash and goods; it hinges on the consistent and efficient distribution and management of food, medicine, shelter and other life-saving supplies.

Relief agencies, the United Nations, the military and local organizations have put together a basic supply chain to deliver materials to newly established food distribution stations and camps. But their resources are stretched thin as the need for help is so great, and the nation’s infrastructure is so broken. As the global community continues to respond to Haiti and prepare for potential future disasters, it’s critical for the private sector to step up to the plate in ways that far exceed financial donations. There’s a compelling need for corporations to match their dollars with expertise and skilled volunteers to help save lives and rebuild communities after disaster strikes. Read More »

UPS Logistics Volunteers: Heading back to Help Haiti

In 2008, John Vera and Bill Torres went to Haiti to offer their logistical expertise in the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes. Touched by the experience and by the people they met two-years ago, they have signed up once again to help Haiti following the recent earthquake. John and Bill are part of UPS’s participation in the UN’s Logistics Emergency Teams, which support the World Food Programme’s disaster response. This time, they will work from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Read More »

An Update from a UPS Volunteer in Haiti

UPSer Craig Arnold is on the ground in Haiti, doing his best to bring relief and comfort to this devastated nation. Here’s an update on his activities today:

Today was OK.  We are starting to send some people home and replacing them with people who will stay much longer.  Lots of trips to the airport sitting on the runway grass waiting.  That is what I’m doing know.   In the last 30 minutes I saw the military land 13 huge planes rolling off trucks and supplies.
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Logistics in Haiti: UPS Volunteer Delivers Relief

Today’s 6.1 aftershock in Haiti doesn’t faze UPS volunteer Craig Arnold. “No problem for me and my roommates. On the way to the clinic, school and command center to assess,” he e-mails at 6 a.m. Since last Friday, Craig has been in Port-au-Prince as a volunteer for the Salvation Army. It’s his sixth trip in five years. Read More »

Logistics in Haiti: UPS is Tackling the Challenges in Real Time

Watching the pictures of the hungry people of Haiti, it’s easy to wonder why food and water aren’t yet accessible everywhere. After all it’s been nearly a week since the quake, thousands of relief workers are on the ground, and people around the world have donated money and supplies.

The reason is logistics. The Haiti relief supply chain is global and complex.  Chip Chappelle, an Atlanta-based UPS transportation manager, is spending nearly 24 hours-a-day trying to coordinate shipments of life saving food, water and medical supplies. On top of the usual complexities of international trade, these deliveries are all hampered by broken infrastructure, limited equipment, shifting supply origins and conflicting information.  Read More »