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Don’t Throw Your Eating Utensils Away…Eat Them!
World Centric

Did you know that your plastic fork, spoon, or knife may not even be plastic? Recently my son and I were watching a science documentary about the many uses of wheat.  Believe it or not, wheat straw is being used to make all sorts of things such as plates, entry doors, cups, and yes, your eating utensils that you thought were PLASTIC!    

As a leading supplier of eco-friendly products, World Centric manufactures disposable eating utensils from wheat straw fiber and other renewable plants.  In 90 to 180 days your knife, fork and spoon will again become part of the soil.   How cool is that?

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UPS Lightens Up – 150 New “Plastic Trucks” to Save 40% Fuel (Infographic)
UPS composite car

The trendy sports car Tesla has it. The Boeing DreamLiner has it. And now the UPS package car has it too. Composite materials are now being introduced to replace certain metal components in the ubiquitous brown trucks as a way to lighten the load by 900 pounds and improve fuel efficiency by 40%.  

UPS announced this week that it intends to purchase 150 composite-body vehicles, as a result of a year-long pilot program to test the composite materials’ durability, repair qualities and structural strength. The composite-clad package cars (nicknamed the “plastic truck”) weighs in nearly 900 lbs. lighter than a traditional package car, helping improve fuel efficiency by 40%, according to test results. Delivery is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2012.

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