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Logistics at the Core: UPS’s 2011 Sustainability Report (Video)
2011 UPS Sustainability Report cover

Whether it’s saving 83,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions, achieving a net reduction in domestic energy use at United States facilities, or expanding the deployment of telematics technology to eliminate more than 98 million minutes of engine idling time, Scott Wicker knows a thing or two about ensuring that UPS’s integrated network is the most efficient it can be.

“Ten years ago, UPS began to construct its first Corporate Sustainability Report. Back then, the effort was seminal, championed by a small group of individuals who saw the connection between UPS’s behind-the-scenes efforts at serving the community and operating well with the emerging stakeholder cry for more transparency about business’s impact on society,” explains Wicker, UPS’s first Chief Sustainability Officer, who took the sustainability reins in 2011.

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Sustainability is…
Sustainability is...

Finally! The day has arrived – as the editor of the UPS sustainability report, I’m pleased to announce that  after many months of gathering details and checking facts, we’ve launched the 2010 edition, themed “Sustainability Is…”  

So, sustainability is what, exactly?  I’d say it depends a lot on who’s talking and who’s listening. Sustainability, really, is in the eye of the beholder. What is important to you may depend on whether you are an employee, a customer, an investor or a sustainability expert. For many, sustainability is a synonym for environmental responsibility. For others, it is all about corporate philanthropy.

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How to Read A Sustainability Report: A Guide For Skeptics

It’s Sustainability Report season again. Companies around the world are sending out notices of their web-posted reports, highlighting their achievements with colorful charts, graphs and photos.

These reports represent the best and worst of the sustainability movement. At their worst, reports are shallow marketing pieces that breathlessly brag about one-off programs designed to be proof points for corporate responsibility. At their best, sustainability reports provide a transparent, quantified, balanced view of the company’s impact and ambitions.

To know the difference, readers need to be aware of what makes a credible Sustainability Report. Here’s my check list. The report…

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Show me the Numbers! Sustainability Reports Have to Be Credible.

2009 UPS Sustainability Report coverToday we launched our seventh sustainability report. It’s chock full of information about our environmental programs, philanthropy, products and services, and economic performance. Much of the information that appears here can’t be found anywhere else.

My view is that credible annual sustainability reports are essential for companies that want to be seen as leaders in corporate responsibility. That thought is echoed on the video by Bob Stoffel, the senior vice president who oversees sustainability at UPS.

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