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One More Thing to Register for If You’re Getting Married or Having a Baby
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Over the last few months, I’ve been to three weddings and two baby showers. It’s an exciting time in the lives of my friends, but it’s hectic as well with all the last minute details to finalize and packages coming to the house, especially as the wedding date/due date nears.

While UPS can’t help finalize last minute details, we can help manage all those packages. With UPS My Choice you’ll no longer need to keep up with tracking numbers – we’ll  do it for you. The day before delivery, you’ll get one alert with information on all the packages that are set to arrive the next day. We’ll even send you a four hour approximate delivery window when possible.

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Hate Waiting for a Package? UPS My Choice is Here to Help
UPS delivery

Getting a package delivered is fun. Waiting for it … well, not so much for most people. The drama of waiting was comically depicted by a College Humor video earlier this year. The video raised a few questions, which we answered.  Now we’re offering more than an answer … we’re offering a solution.

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UPS Delivers Adoption Papers, Builds a Family
residential delivery

In 1913, UPS grew its business by making residential deliveries for department stores. And today, UPS delivers 35% of its packages to residential addresses across the United States.

I stopped by the home of Charlie Grimm, who lives in York, Pa. to speak with him about a special residential delivery he received.  Let’s hear how one important package changed his life…

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UPS Delivers Chicago-Style Pizza
residential delivery

If you take a look back at the history of the company, UPS grew by making residential deliveries for department stores so that they didn’t have to operate their own delivery trucks. And today, did you know that UPS delivers to about 100 million residential addresses every year? I stopped by the home of Mark Estes, who lives in Portland, OR, who is a huge Chicago Cubs fan. Let’s hear his story…

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