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Cell Phone Addiction: The First Step is Admitting I Have a Problem

After Christmas this year, I didn’t have any packages to return because all of my gifts were either cash or gift cards. (My family knows me well, so they don’t waste their time shopping for me anymore.)

In January, UPS celebrated National Returns Day, where consumers returned more than 520,000 packages back to retailers following the holiday season.

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National Returns Day Twitter Party: Join Us on @UPS
Brad the Box

I’m getting ready for one of the busiest return travel days of the year – for boxes like me at least.

The holiday rush isn’t over yet. Consumers will return 520,000 of my closest friends on January 3 – National Returns Day!

UPS wants to share more about this hassle-free experience with you during the first Twitter Party of 2013 on Thursday, January 3 at 3 p.m. EST.  Join @UPS to learn more about #HassleFreeReturns and have fun interacting with the experts at The UPS Store. They’ll provide some helpful tips on how to return those unwanted items.

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How UPS Delivers on the Red Carpet with Returns
Stockholm Film Festival logo

Ever since Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy captured the attention of worldwide movie-goers, one thing is clear to everybody: Swedish cinema is hot. The newest films from Sweden and selected movies from the rest of the world make it to the annual Stockholm International Film Festival where they are seen by over 130,000 visitors. How do all these films get into the nine Stockholm cinemas hosting the festival? One word: UPS.

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Tis’ the Season for Returns
UPS Package Car

Did you get any gifts that were the wrong size or color? You aren’t alone.

UPS doesn’t slow down after the holidays. As more consumers shop online, they will return or exchange those unwanted holiday gifts. UPS is expected to transport more than 2 million packages back to retailers during the first week in January 2013.

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Small Business Profile: Two Ways SimplySoles Keeps Customers Happy
Kassie Rempel

While I hate to perpetuate a female stereotype, I have to admit it – I adore shoes. From knee-high boots to super high heels to strappy sandals, my closet is a labyrinth of footwear. Still, I might add a pair or two to my wish list this year!

UPS small business customer SimplySoles has been helping people like me find great shoes since 2004. That September, founder Kassie Rempel distributed her first catalog, filling the pages with a carefully selected collection of designer shoes. Her business has now grown to include a robust website with many exclusive styles, fashionable accessories and her own line of shoes, Lillybee.

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This Month’s Compass Articles: Win a Returns Process Makeover, UPS Holiday Dates

Just like that – the holidays are upon us. At UPS, we call this time of year “peak season” as we go into full-swing to dispatch a heavy volume of packages far and wide. And, of course, it’s also peak season for online retailers. The sharp rise in cyber shopping in recent years has caused these retailers to seek competitive advantages via the consumer experience.

Free shipping, a user-friendly website with good imagery, responsive customer service – they’re important factors. But one often overlooked variable: the returns process. As this Compass Online article explains, hassle-free returns create customer loyalty. Think your business could use an overhaul in this department? Well, good news: we’re running a promotion for November – “Win a Makeover of Your Returns Process” – in which UPS consultants examine and implement a winning strategy for two lucky entrants.

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Reverse Logistics Whitepaper: Is there an “Elephant’s Graveyard” for High Tech Gadgets?
laptop repair

I’ve always believed in thinner, lighter and more powerful when it comes to electronic gadgets.  A new smart phone.  A tiny television.  A color electronic book.  All of these things fill me with inexplicable glee.  But what happens to those gizmos once they’ve been replaced with newer models?  Or when my pre-ordered device has to be returned because early units are defective?  What’s out of sight and mind for me often represents opportunities for high tech companies.

Enter reverse logistics.  Reverse logistics is the processes of receiving returned components or products for the purpose of recapturing value or proper disposal.  It is much more than simply counting defective items returned by customers.  Reverse logistics can uncover hidden profits, reduce liability and enrich customer satisfaction.

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Tis’ the Season… To Return
Shipping a holiday gift

Tis’ the season to give – receive – and now return. The National Retail Federation estimates shoppers will return more than $46 billion in merchandise this year – that’s up almost 10 percent from two years ago.

Returns season is in full swing at UPS. Today consumers will return more than 500,000 packages!  It’s so many, we’re calling it National Returns Day. Just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we now have a self-proclaimed, unofficial holiday.

With the rise in online shopping this year more people are returning those gifts they couldn’t try on or touch before Christmas. The math is easy: more online shopping = more returns. Many retailers now offer free return shipping, making it even easier for consumers to swap wrong sizes and colors. Today’s deluge of returns will keep our drivers busy delivering just as many packages back to retailers on January 6, 2012.

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Love the Holidays but not Gift Returns? Join UPS for the #HolidayReturns Twitter Party on January 3
woman using laptop

Celebrating the holidays is a joyous event. Family, friends, food and gifts. Yet inevitably, returning gifts has become part of the routine during the holidays. In fact, January 3 is the top shipping day for holiday returns at UPS. Just as others created Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re creating a day too that’s dedicated to returns – National Returns Day.

Let’s face it. Returning gifts can feel like a hassle … collecting gift receipts, driving around town, standing in line at the store. Holiday returns are daunting, but they don’t have to be. Read More »

I’d Like to Return this Item, Please!

Did you know that, in 2010, U.S. consumers returned $200 billion worth of goods? That’s more than the GDP of 66 percent of the countries in the world. And, I bet you didn’t know that manufacturers spend 9 to 14 percent of sales on returns. All of this occurs, despite the fact that only 20 percent of the goods returned are actually defective! (2011 Greve-Davis)

Reverse logistics provides opportunities for businesses to control costs while also improving their customer’s experience. Yet many companies don’t focus enough on their reverse logistics process despite the fact that Forrester Research shows that 81 percent of consumers are more loyal to companies with a generous returns policy. But reverse logistics is not easy. In fact, it is very complicated – particularly for high-value products like computers or smart phones. Not only must the consumer return an item – they must also be given a replacement.

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