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Why Teen Safe Driving Matters to a UPS Retiree
UPS Road Code

Each of us wants to fit in. We have a desire to be involved, to contribute, to make a difference.

Being a UPS Road Code facilitator has provided all of that and more. I enjoy sharing the training I taught to the new UPS drivers with the teens – it provides a valuable lesson for them before they get their driver’s license. When I see the students’ confidence build through the class and when they proudly accept their certificate of completion for the course, I’m proud to know I’m making a difference.

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UPS Road Code: Bringing Safe Driving to Indianapolis (Video)
UPS Road Code

The summer before I turned 16, I took the driver’s ed class at my high school.  I remember being in a classroom and then driving with a teacher in the parking lot, but I don’t remember much else.  Back then I didn’t have the distraction of a cell phone (I’m showing my age here), but I still managed to get my first ticket when I was 15 (I had my learner’s permit, and was with my mom coming home from the grocery store). 

Nowadays, there are some really cool ways to use technology to impart wisdom before you get behind the wheel.  UPS Road Code is an interactive program that incorporates the safe driving techniques used by our drivers across the world and allows students to get behind the wheel of a virtual driving simulator. 

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UPS Drivers Know the Dangers of Distracted Driving: Video
Teens driving

UPS has always viewed distracted driving as a serious issue.  It’s a leading cause of vehicle accidents, especially among teens. Distractions come from a variety of sources:  texting, eating, using phones, adjusting the radio or talking with passengers.

To help combat distracted driving, in 2009 UPS and The UPS Foundation developed UPS Road Code, a four-session safe-driving program for teens that teaches the consequences of hazardous and distracted driving. The program leverages UPS’s safety methods and strong safety record.

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The UPS Foundation Gives Thanks Through Communities for More Than 60 Years
Global Volunteer Month

This December marks the 60th anniversary of The UPS Foundation. Our founder, Jim Casey, a visionary in so many ways, was practicing the concepts of “Corporate Citizenship” and “Corporate Social Responsibility” in 1951 long before those words even existed. I’m thankful that I work for a company with a heart. After all, we do love logistics.

I came to The UPS Foundation just over one year ago after eleven years in corporate marketing. The desire to work in the foundation and have a job that allows me to give back started back in 2005. I was selected to attend the UPS Community Internship in McAllen,Texas.  For one month, I was relieved of my daily office responsibilities and asked to do service work in this extremely challenged community. Those thirty days changed my perspective on life. I became thankful for the things I had, and less wishful for those I didn’t.

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The Business of Giving Back

As a follow-up to the recently released UPS Sustainability Report, I sat down with Eduardo Martinez of the UPS Foundation to discuss the company’s strategy for philanthropy and volunteerism.

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Teens off to a Safe Start this Summer with UPS Road Code

Here in Atlanta, school breaks have begun and summer is off to a hot start. This week’s traffic has been lighter and many newly licensed teens are taking to the road, to celebrate summer with pools, parties and freedom. Woo Hoo! But, new drivers equipped with cell phones, iPods, friends and good times, can spell danger on the road…. 

Each year, nearly 3,500 teenagers die nationwide in car accidents – making it the leading cause of death for 15-19 year olds. This alarming statistic makes the need for teen safe driving programs so incredibly important.

For most teens, getting behind the wheel means fun and freedom. But, driving is serious business. At UPS, each of our 100,000 drivers has gone through intensive training in order to keep them and the communities we serve safe. 

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UPS Road Code takes off in Orlando

Ginny OdomUPS recently held an event to celebrate the expansion of UPS Road Code to Orlando. UPS Road Code is a safe driving class for teens taught by UPS volunteers at Boys & Girls Clubs across the United States. At this particular event, Ginny Odom, UPS’s safest female driver on the road, was onsite to share some words of wisdom with the teens. I took the opportunity to ask her a few questions of my own. Read More »