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Ron Sowder

What 1,283 of Our Drivers Have Been Doing for the Last 25 Years
Tom Camp

At UPS, we are known for our iconic drivers. UPS customers have come to count on them for 105 years. They’re trusted, familiar faces in neighborhoods and businesses across the globe. But our drivers are more than helpful and friendly—they’re also very safe.

UPS has just recognized this year’s class of elite drivers—1,283 strong—for their induction into the prestigious Circle of Honor. The group, in a class by themselves, has achieved at least 25 years of driving without an auto crash. The UPS Circle of Honor continues to reach record heights, totaling 6,486 drivers.

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UPS Drivers Know the Dangers of Distracted Driving: Video
Teens driving

UPS has always viewed distracted driving as a serious issue.  It’s a leading cause of vehicle accidents, especially among teens. Distractions come from a variety of sources:  texting, eating, using phones, adjusting the radio or talking with passengers.

To help combat distracted driving, in 2009 UPS and The UPS Foundation developed UPS Road Code, a four-session safe-driving program for teens that teaches the consequences of hazardous and distracted driving. The program leverages UPS’s safety methods and strong safety record.

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UPS Drivers Deliver Record for Safe Driving
UPS Package Car

UPS again set a new record for the latest class of amazing drivers who have gone 25 years without an accident – 1,235.  This year’s additions bring the total number of active Circle of Honor drivers to 5,842.  These drivers have collectively driven more than 5.3 billion miles without an accident.

And the safest driver of them all is Ron “Big Dog” Sowder from Springboro, Ohio, who recently celebrated 50 years of safe driving.  That makes Ron the safest driver in UPS history.  Ron has been driving safely longer than many people have been alive.  And speaking of being alive, there’s no telling how many lives he has saved by steering clear of accidents for so many years and so many miles.  Ron has amassed more than 4 million miles without so much as a scratch.

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UPS Driver Ron Sowder Goes 50 Years Without an Accident…50 Years!
Ron Sowder

Think about how long 50 years is. (If you’re approaching an upcoming birthday for that milestone, maybe don’t. Think about cake and good friends instead).

Five decades. Half a century. 436,800 hours. It’s a long time.

It’s also the years of safe driving that UPS Feeder Driver Ron “The Big Dog” Sowder has just racked up. (Feeder trucks are the big semis that you see rolling down the highway. “The Big Dog” is a cool nickname for someone who’s good at what he does).

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American Trucker Rides with the Big Dog

“Hey, that driver has a beard! What’s with that?” 

I can’t tell you how many times that question was asked when Robb Mariani, the bearded host of American Trucker, put on some browns to ride with UPS’s own safety champ Ron “Big Dog” Sowder. Though you will never see a real UPS driver with a beard, we decided to give Robb a pass on the facial hair. 

Robb and his crew were featuring UPS operations on the Speed Channel show that travels the globe featuring big trucks and the people who drive them. Robb is a real fan of trucks and truckers and his enthusiasm was obvious as he and his crew filmed at Chicago CACH, Cincinnati and Louisville Worldport operations.

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UPS Circle of Honor Recognizes Elite Group of Safe Drivers

UPS drivers across the globe drive 3.3 billion miles per year. They average less than one accident per million miles driven – an incredible statistic. That stat is due to two things: UPS has the best safe driving training in the world, and UPS drivers take an enormous amount of pride in what they do. Training and pride – it’s an unbeatable combination. And the proof is in the pudding. This year, 934 new Circle of Honor members were added to the total of current active drivers with 25 years or more without an accident. The total number of UPS drivers who have steered clear of accidents for 25 years or more now stands at 4,788. And on top of that remarkable number, Ron Sowder of UPS’s Kentucky District has attained 48 years of safe driving. Florida’s Ginny Odom, the top female safe driver stands alone with 35 years without an accident. Read More »