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Scott Davis

UPS CEO on Economic Headwinds
Scott Davis on Fox Business

UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis spoke with FOX Business on the state of the U.S. economy and company growth.

In the interview, reporter Andy Shapiro asked Scott, “In regards to the economy, what would you say to the president?”

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New Terminology, Same Priority: Sustainability Engrained at UPS

Speaking at Fortune Brainstorm Green 2012, UPS COO David Abney described the maturation of sustainability at UPS as a priority for customers, employees, the Board of Directors and other stakeholders in the organization.  

“The terminology [of sustainability] has changed, but it’s changed for very sound business reasons,” Abney said, adding that customers have become a powerful catalyst for sustainability in recent years.  

 “What really has changed is the number of customers looking at us to manage their supply chains from an environmental perspective. Customers were demanding we pay attention (to sustainability),” he said in response to questions from Fortune reporter Geoff Colvin.

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President Obama Visits UPS
President Obama speaks at a UPS facility in Las Vegas

UPS recognized as a leader in sustainability

For the second time in 10 months President Obama visited a UPS facility to commend us for our innovations and commitment to sustainability. “UPS deserves extraordinary credit for being the best in its space,” he said. “One of the best businesses we have in the United States. But the reason is because it’s got such outstanding workers constantly figuring out how to make things better.  And so you guys all need to be congratulated for everything that you do.”

Prior to President Obama’s arrival, UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis delivered a speech to the assembled crowd of more than 500 employees, legislators, community leaders and customers. He emphasized UPS’s commitment to sustainable business practices and how alternative fuel vehicles are an increasingly important part of our large fleet. Scott also spoke about our involvement with the Ontario-Las Vegas natural gas corridor, and how the public and private sectors can work together to advance our nation’s energy security and improve our environment.

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Washington Comes to Louisville
Planes at UPS Worldport
U.S. Treasury Secretary visits Worldport to discuss nation’s infrastructure

Highlighting the need for Congress to pass U.S. President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act proposals to create jobs and invest in our nation’s infrastructure, U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner recently toured UPS’s Worldport facility. Also on the agenda was a roundtable meeting with local business leaders, including CEO Scott Davis.

“If our businesses are to grow and create jobs, if our economy is to climb decisively and swiftly out of its stagnant hole, we and our leaders need to be practical. In the transportation business, that means finding a way to keep our infrastructure from unraveling,” said Scott.

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Exports Can Spur Our Economy

UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis and U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary LockeUPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis and Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke co-authored an opinion piece published by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s blog.

Robust and global trade drives the world’s economic engine. And it’s the quickest and surest way we know to accelerate economic growth, create new jobs and improve living standards. 

Now we freely admit that UPS has an interest here. At any given moment, UPS handles 6 percent of the U.S. GDP and moves 2 percent of the global GDP. So global trade is important to the future of UPS, and that holds true for its workers, and for workers across America. Every 22 packages per day that cross a border supports one job in UPS’s package operation.

That’s why UPS is so supportive of President Obama’s recent announcement of a landmark trade deal with South Korea, which is estimated to increase American economic output by more than the last nine trade agreements combined.

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UPS CEO Davis Rallies Leaders Against “Tyranny of Protectionism”

ocean cargoRobust and open global trade drives the world’s economic engine, Scott Davis said in a keynote speech to the America’s Competitiveness Forum Nov. 15 in Atlanta. “Everyone wins when trade flows freely,” he said to a room packed with about 1,000 international business and government leaders including the vice presidents of Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Costa Rica.

In his remarks, Scott Davis challenged officials to knock down trade barriers and clear the way for more exports as a driver of global economic growth and prosperity. He said the United States should mend fraying ties with both NAFTA trading partners, Canada and Mexico.

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Capital Gains Taxes and the Recovery

Scott Davis, chairman and CEO of UPS, is the author of an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal:

Long-term investments should be rewarded with lower rates

There is no question the U.S. economy is showing encouraging signs of recovery. But the recovery is fragile, and we should not do anything that would dampen or jeopardize its momentum. Businesses and individuals should therefore take note that the country is moving inexorably toward an increase in capital gains tax rates. This increase is not being sufficiently debated in Congress but could have a major impact on economic growth, job creation and long-term investment in America.

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UPS and the U.S. Commercial Service: A Partnership that Really Delivers

UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis and U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary LockeU.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis recently visited a UPS facility to talk to more than 200 business leaders and entrepreneurs about President Obama’s National Export Initiative and the importance of exporting to the U.S. economy and job creation.

During the meeting, UPS and the Commerce Secretary discussed an expansion of our collaborative efforts to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) export. To help UPS customers grow their exports, we’re working with the U.S. Commercial Service to connect exporting customers with resources to identify new opportunities and additional buyers in new markets. As a division of the Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration, the Commercial Service provides export resources and consultative services to U.S. companies through its network of over 100 U.S. Export Assistance Centers domestically and 120 offices overseas in nearly 80 countries.

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Global Trade Agreements Help U.S. Businesses Grow

I’m in executive communications at UPS and have been spending a lot of time helping our senior executives discuss the importance of free trade. Recently our chairman was in Singapore addressing business audiences and he made a positive reference to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, and how the U.S. would benefit from engagement in this trade alliance linking Australia, Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the U.S. and Vietnam. Read More »

10 Years as a Public Company

UPS celebrated its 102nd birthday last August but it marked another milestone earlier this month—10 years as a public company.

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