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International Women’s Day: Behind the Scenes of a Woman-Owned Franchise
Stacie Stigar

Owning a small business was never in my life plan. I never dreamt of being my own boss or experiencing many of the challenges and rewards you often hear of when you talk to a small business owner.

Becoming a The UPS Store franchisee happened by chance. Before I opened my The UPS Store, I was the executive director at another company and used The UPS Store in Wasilla, Alaska frequently. Joey, the owner at the time, would listen to my wild marketing ideas – I was always asking him, “Can you make me some (insert crazy marketing idea)?” And his answer was always, “Yes.” He always found a way to make it happen. He was inspiring, and sparked the idea that I might want to own my own business.

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AAC Enterprises’ Export Story – Finding Customers Around the World

The Small Business Administration is asking small business owners “where will your next customer come from?” AAC Enterprises, Inc. is finding them all over the world.  Justin Hartenstein started out selling automobile parts out of his garage, and now he designs and develops innovative custom lighting systems for car enthusiasts all around the globe.

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“E” is for Excellence and Exporting

ocean cargoIf you talk with Mike McDonald, VP of Operations at Cleveland-based RAD-CON Inc., he would probably say that “E” also stands for Essential. International exporting has been essential to the industrial furnace supplier’s success. In fact, according to Christopher J. Messina, Vice President of Sales and Projects at RAD-CON, “We would have been out of business if it weren’t for exporting, or a much smaller company.” The U.S. Commercial Service reports that RAD-CON’s exports have increased by more than 45% since 2006. RAD-CON has recently been recognized as one of the top performers in U.S. exporting, receiving both the Ohio Governor’s E-Award and one of the most prestigious awards that the government affords to a U.S. business – the Presidential “E” Award.

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Yes We Can….Export!

According to the National Small Business Administration, 57% of small businesses in the U.S.  would NOT export, even if their concerns about trade were addressed. What are they thinking? I’m not aware of anyone whose business is growing so fast in this economy that they can afford to ignore 95% of the world’s consumers! The New York Times reported recently that less than 1% of American companies export, despite the incredible opportunities for growth that exist beyond our borders. The crazy thing is, growing your business through international trade is not that difficult, and I can prove it!

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Insights on Small Business Exporting from SBA’s National Small Business Week

Last week UPS sponsored an export forum during National Small Business Week, where experts and business leaders gathered to discuss how global trade can impact our nation’s small businesses.

Approximately two thirds of the world’s purchasing power and 96% of the world’s consumers are outside of the U.S. Companies that are willing to research and explore international markets can tap into tremendous growth opportunities.

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Small Business Exporting: A Prescription for Economic Recovery

boxesThe recession has taken a toll on the health of the global economy. But recent reports from companies and the government indicate the economy is starting to emerge from the downturn.

Today is the start of National Small Business Week and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is hosting a conference in Washington, D.C.  As a proud supporter of this conference, UPS is sponsoring an Exporting Forum featuring a panel discussion on global trade opportunities.

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