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Third Generation Business Built on Mentoring

This year marks the second annual National Mentoring Month, as proclaimed by President Barack Obama. The month was created to highlight the importance of mentoring and the positive impact it can have on youth. However, recent research has shown that mentorship can also play a role in the success of small business owners.

Starting a business can be challenging and oftentimes a new business owner may not know all the answers. For a small business owner, a close mentoring relationship provides the benefit of having a different experience or knowledge base to draw from. Mentors can help look at problems and situations from different perspectives and have expertise that can provide insight to people just starting out.

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From Small business owners: Why it’s important to shop small
Shop Small Badge

We’ve been posting about it for weeks, and Small Business Saturday is here! Whether you still have a list of people to shop for, or simply want to treat yourself today, it’s a great time to shop small. Whether you patronize your local clothing boutique, the neighborhood toy store, or even the corner coffee shop, shopping small means supporting business owners in your own neighborhood, and helping your community thrive.

Here at The UPS Store, we love our small business customers, and work closely with them to ensure we understand their challenges, goals, and to find out what they think about small business. In fact, we host a private online community of small business owners – The Small Biz Buzz – where we ask for feedback about products and services, offer access to exclusive content, speakers and products. We also use it to get to learn more about our customers.

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My business runs thanks to the support of other small businesses

As part of our series of posts leading up to small business Saturday, we’re shining the spotlight on Steve Crain, co-owner of A> Prompt Computer Service, LLC. He took some time to talk with us about his journey as small business owner.

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Everyone is Happy When they Buy Cookies

Small Business Saturday, founded by American Express in 2010, is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses across the country.  Small Business Saturday is about more than just a single day.   It’s a movement.  Help us celebrate and support small business in our community and SHOP SMALL all month long.

In celebration of the Shop Small Movement, we’re shining the spotlight on our small business customers all month long. Meet Christina Wherry, owner of Christina’s Gourmet, in Southington, CT, our small business customer of the week. We pulled Christina away from a fresh-out-of-the-oven tray of snicker doodles and pumpkin praline cookies to talk to us about her business and small businesses in general.

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Eliminate the Hassle of Back-to-School Shopping with School Tool Box
school supplies

Back-to-school signage line the halls and walls of retail stores, reminding children that summer is almost over and parents that they need to fill the supply lists provided by their kids’ schools. Finding everything can be a hassle – long lines, multiple shopping trips, hard-to-find products, etc.

UPS Small Business customer School Tool Box offers a convenient, consistent, cost-saving alternative that provides parents with the supplies they need without the aggravations. For more than 10 years, School Tool Box has been delivering pre-packaged school supply kits built from teachers’ lists directly to their respective schools. In 2011, the company kicked off its “Ship-to-Home” program, making it even easier for families to get the supplies they need by delivering it right to their front doors.

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My Inner Inventor
The UPS Store

I admire all of the inventors in the world. Ideas seem to just flow effortlessly into their brains. The problem for many of these inventors, however, is that they’re just ideas. Many of them never do anything with their ideas, and, ultimately, they see their dreams slip through their fingers as someone else takes their idea and makes it a reality.

There are so many inventors out there. Without the proper resources (i.e., capital), it’s difficult for them to achieve their full potential. One thing inventors lack is the know-how to take their idea from concept to creation.

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Two Sisters Left Corporate America and took the Leap of Faith
Quail Valley Pharmacy

We wrap up our celebration of Small Business Week by sharing one more small business story! Meet Vanese and Vikki, two sisters that took the leap of faith and left corporate America to start their own business.

Vanese wasn’t happy at her job and decided to do something different. Having a specific degree, Vanese knew she had to stay within the pharmaceutical industry, which led her and her sister to open an independent neighborhood pharmacy in Missouri City, Texas.

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Persistence and Patience Leads to success for our Hat Lady
Hat Lady

Even though Small Business Week is ending, we’re still celebrating by sharing stories of small business owners! Today, we meet Lisa Battaglia, the hat lady. Lisa designs hats that reinterpret vintage aesthetics to live in the modern world.

Lisa knew in college that she wanted to be a business owner; she saw a niche in the marketplace for hats and had an instinct that hats would return as a part of fashion.

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One Part Know-How, Three Parts Passion – A Recipe for Small Business
Original Nutrionals

It’s Day 5 of National Small Business Week, and we are celebrating by sharing the story of a small business owner each day! Meet Logan Gelbrich and Chris Coscino, the inspiring young entrepreneurs behind Original Nutritionals from Laguna Beach, Calif.

As a pro ball player, Logan learned to eat with purpose, and he quickly began to see a gap between athletic performance and the public perception of supplements. On the one hand, athletes were hearing “eat real foods” from their trainers, and on the other hand, the public was hearing something different.

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Discovering Nature through the Lens of Fluorescence

It’s Day 4 of Small Business Week and we are celebrating by sharing the story of a small business owner each day! Meet Charlie Mazel from Bedford, Mass., founder of NIGHTSEA, which provides solutions for viewing and photographing fluorescence underwater, on land, and in the laboratory.

What’s fluorescence, you ask? Simply put, it’s when something glows a visible color when exposed to specific light sources, for example, ultraviolet light. (I apologize to all the scientists out there for my overly simplified explanation.)

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