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Getting to Know Your Customers: A Key to Staying Relevant
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In business, we often THINK we are all about the customer, but many of us are really missing the mark.

Though I hope you don’t wait for a national holiday to know the ins and outs of your customers, I DO hope that you’ll take this opportunity to really get to know your customer.

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Going Social? Takeaways for Small Businesses to Get the Most Out of Social Media: Video
social media makeover forum

On May 8th, UPS sponsored the Social Media Makeover in Charlotte, NC.  Three businesses received a “makeover”, or practical, actionable advice from a panel of both big and small businesses that have been successful in engaging their customers and growing their business through social media platforms. 

Watch this video to hear about the top take-aways from the event.

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Long Time UPS Small Business Customer to Get Social Media Makeover
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Could your small business use a social media makeover? Would it benefit from a consultation with social media experts to help you redirect your efforts, recalibrate your strategy and ultimately achieve results that meet your business objectives?

That’s what’s happening to Charlotte-based Medichest, a health and beauty aid e-commerce site and long-time UPS customer.  

It has been selected to be one of three small companies featured at the SMB Social Media Makeover Forum this May 8th in Charlotte.

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Mostly We’re Asking the Wrong Question About Social Media
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In a recent Facebook chat sponsored by The UPS Store, I fielded the standard questions about generating more leads and more sales, but right on cue I also got several variations of this question/comment about social media.

“I have limited time and all this new social stuff keeps coming, how do I determine what is the best tool to use or where to start?”

It’s a great question, but mostly it’s the wrong question, because it’s centered on tactics – Facebook or Twitter, Blogging or Tweeting – when it should be centered on objectives and results.

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Logistics Helps Deliver a Social Media Makeover for Small Businesses
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Ever wonder how social media can really work for you in the business world?  I have.  I mean I get the power of social media in boosting (or ruining) your personal brand if you are a celebrity,  politician, or consultant, but if you’re a small business with two or more employees, how do you use it to grow your business? 

As an advocate for small businesses, I’m always interested in ways UPS can help companies grow. That’s why I’m excited UPS is one of the sponsors of The Social Media Makeover Forum on November 8, 2011 in downtown Atlanta at the Centergy Building.

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Update with Facebook or Twitter… and Get a Job at UPS?

holiday delivery in VermontLike millions of others, I love being able to use my cell phone to call, text or update my friends and family with Facebook and other online sites. Mobile devices now allow us to bank online, play games and immediately upload that funny photo of my children’s faces covered with Halloween chocolate. Now you can also visit the mobile-device friendly www.upsjobs.com and look virtually for a job.  Just provide your information and schedule an interview for one of 50,000 temporary positions at UPS through New Years Eve.

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Social Media Guidelines Help UPS Employees Protect Their Reps

Have you ever posted something on Facebook and instantly regretted it? Or responded to a rant on a discussion board with your own colorful adjectives?

Social media is often compared to a cocktail party. Lively conversation, good humor and interesting people. But unlike a cocktail party where a comment lingers momentarily, social media discussions often remain a permanent memory on the internet. Everything is searchable and Google never forgets.

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The accidental lessons of Twitter monitoring for UPS

Since February 2009, I’ve been watching the waterfall of information flowing from Twitter, perhaps the most popular social media network today. I’m looking for keywords like “UPS” and “ups.com,” hoping to catch our customers as they converse about our company. And believe me, customers talk about us all the time.

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Holiday Planning 365 Days a Year

Hello and welcome to my first upside peak-season post. Join me as I talk to various UPSers who each play a different role during the busiest time of year.

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