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Small Business Video: Orbit Micro
Orbit Micro

Orbit Micro is a Dallas-based seller of high-performance and specialty turnkey computer and software systems for defense, education, science, energy and other industrial and consumer applications.  Shipments can be fragile, high-value and time-sensitive. 

UPS has helped Orbit Micro expand its customer base globally with “the opportunity to go places that we couldn’t normally go,” according to COO Ashley Smith.  In addition, the company uses UPS’s Flexible Parcel Insurance to protect systems that are often custom-built for deadline-driven projects. 

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Analyze This.

“Analytics” is one of those terms that can make the general public wince. It sounds like so much corporate wonkiness. But if John Q. Public knew that UPS uses analytics to reduce the environmental impact of all those brown delivery trucks, he might be interested in learning more about business analytics. Well, maybe.

A recent issue of DC Velocity magazine pointed out that the emergence of analytics software is a logistics game-changer. UPS couldn’t agree more. We’ve employed analytics with some award-winning results in our small package operation. One of the latest initiatives combines telematics technology with advanced algorithms and proprietary firmware to analyze a stream of data collected from sensors placed on the company’s famous brown delivery trucks. Voila! It’s an analytics application of mega proportions.

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