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Here Comes the Sun: Bringing Solar Power to NASCAR
Carl Edwards

As the Senior Director of Market Development at Suniva, I have the good fortune of working with many of our customers on new ways to incorporate solar photovoltaics (PV) into their business. Clean, green energy from the sun is a natural fit with many organizations’ overall sustainability strategies. I’ve seen a real uptake in the United States now that solar has become so much more affordable. That’s personally gratifying since I have a passion for implementing cleantech to sustainability.

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Soaking Up the Sun in Jersey
With New York City in the background, solar panels are installed at UPS’s Secaucus, NJ facility.

If I were to ask you which state is the real sunshine state, what would you say?  Florida? California? Try New Jersey…You got a problem with that?

UPS has four facilities in the U.S. that are outfitted with solar panels. Believe it or not, three of those facilities are in New Jersey. Yes, Jersey. The other one? Across the country in Palm Springs, California.

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UPS Powered by a Yellow Sun

When Superman is your favorite superhero, life can be pretty lonely. Every kid besides me preferred Batman. Didn’t matter that Supes could fly and lift mountains. Batman had money, a fast car and a cool mask. In 2011 though, I think Superman can have the last laugh because he’s an alternatively fueled superhero.

Superman’s powers of strength, flight, invincibility and that rocking awesome heat vision come from Earth’s yellow sun. He soaks up the solar energy like a living battery and jets off for truth and justice with no pollution trailing that red cape. By contrast, the Batmobile burns jet fuel…Holy gas-guzzling, Batman!

Although the song says never to do it, UPS is tugging on Superman’s cape a little bit with the installation of solar panels on the roof of our facility in Lakewood, New Jersey. Located about an hour outside of the original Metropolis, New York City, the 70,000 square-foot package center has been outfitted with more than 62,000 solar modules on the roof contained in more than 1,000 individual solar panels.

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