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Video: E-commerce Trends

On Wednesday, UPS Customer Solutions president Jim Coughlan spoke to attendees of the Supply Chain in Action executive forum taking place near Phoenix. The participants were corporate logistics managers from Fortune 1000 companies, as well as academicians and students from universities with logistics programs.

Jim took part in a conversation with other business leaders addressing a range of topics from supply chain practices and trends to how online commerce impacts the global economy. According to comScore, U.S. retail e-commerce spending reached a record $161 billion in 2011.  And Goldman Sachs forecasts e-commerce to be nearly $1 trillion by the end of next year. Before he left, I asked Jim for his thoughts about e-commerce.

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About Sherial Cubit

Since 2005, I've helped to deliver various aspects of the UPS online experience, primarily by writing content, working with agencies to develop microsites, and producing videos for our websites. Outside of work, I enjoy making jewelry, serving in parish ministries, and developing my multilingual skills. I also consume a potentially unhealthy amount of music, social media, and college football--rooting faithfully for my alma mater, the University of Texas. Hook ‘em!
Washington Comes to Louisville
Planes at UPS Worldport
U.S. Treasury Secretary visits Worldport to discuss nation’s infrastructure

Highlighting the need for Congress to pass U.S. President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act proposals to create jobs and invest in our nation’s infrastructure, U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner recently toured UPS’s Worldport facility. Also on the agenda was a roundtable meeting with local business leaders, including CEO Scott Davis.

“If our businesses are to grow and create jobs, if our economy is to climb decisively and swiftly out of its stagnant hole, we and our leaders need to be practical. In the transportation business, that means finding a way to keep our infrastructure from unraveling,” said Scott.

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Live Concerts Get Greener with Help from UPS and Live Nation Entertainment

“If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”

                                                                          –  Jimi Hendrix

I try to avoid hyperbole, but I truly believe music is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. It touches people on a deep, emotional level transcending differences in language, culture, political views and socio-economic status.

Even with his scientifically-focused mind, Albert Einstein understood and appreciated the value music brings to our lives when he observed, “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music. … I get most joy in life out of music.”

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UPS Joins World in Celebrating Chilean Miners’ Rescue

Last month, we shared the story about UPS’s role to transport the drilling equipment that would accelerate the rescue of 33 trapped Chilean miners. Today, we’re watching and rejoicing with the world as the miners’ rescue takes place.

In early September, the Chilean Embassy asked UPS to help aid the rescue efforts and we gladly accepted. Just before Labor Day, UPS moved special drilling equipment from several U.S. locations to Copiapo. The total weight for the more than 50,000 pounds of equipment involved 7 separate shipments that required creative logistics with multiple flights and trucks. UPS funded the initial shipment under designation as a humanitarian mission, an in-kind charitable gift funded by the UPS Foundation.

Yesterday, we were honored to receive an invitation from the embassy to join the staff as they watched the rescue efforts from their office. In his thanks to UPS, Deputy Chief of Mission Roberto Matus stated, “As you well know, UPS played a very important role in taking the right equipment to Chile. This machine enabled us to move up the dates.”

We were honored to be a small part of this miraculous effort.

For the UPS Logistics Team, the London Olympics begin in Vancouver

The UPS team helped move Team GB (Great Britain) to the Vancouver Winter Games.Tonight, the world celebrates the start of the Vancouver Olympic Games. For the UPS team assisting with the London Olympics, it is a milestone on the journey to the 2012 Summer Games.

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The Annual Roadtrip for Chinese New Year

This year, Valentine’s Day happens to coincide with the first day of the Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, as it’s known in China. 2010 marks the Year of the Tiger in the lunar calendar and the national holiday lasts from 13 to 19 of February. Read More »

Disaster Relief: Why Corporations Need to Give More Than Cash

UPS Foundation President Ken Sternad is the author of an opinion piece published on The Huffington Post site:

The earthquake in Haiti has sparked a remarkable global outpouring of generosity. But the relief effort’s success depends on more than donations of cash and goods; it hinges on the consistent and efficient distribution and management of food, medicine, shelter and other life-saving supplies.

Relief agencies, the United Nations, the military and local organizations have put together a basic supply chain to deliver materials to newly established food distribution stations and camps. But their resources are stretched thin as the need for help is so great, and the nation’s infrastructure is so broken. As the global community continues to respond to Haiti and prepare for potential future disasters, it’s critical for the private sector to step up to the plate in ways that far exceed financial donations. There’s a compelling need for corporations to match their dollars with expertise and skilled volunteers to help save lives and rebuild communities after disaster strikes. Read More »

Healthier Supply Chains Mean Healthier Patients

I came across an NPR Marketplace interview with Craig Carter, Journal of Supply Chain Management co-editor and professor at the University of Nevada. His take on business efficiency in lean times is a streamlined supply chain. It’s good for business, absolutely, but as Carter says, “at the end of the day, the objective of the supply chain is to provide the best combination of cost and service to the final consumer.” I couldn’t agree more with his customer-centric point of view.

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Global Trade Agreements Help U.S. Businesses Grow

I’m in executive communications at UPS and have been spending a lot of time helping our senior executives discuss the importance of free trade. Recently our chairman was in Singapore addressing business audiences and he made a positive reference to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, and how the U.S. would benefit from engagement in this trade alliance linking Australia, Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the U.S. and Vietnam. Read More »

UPS Hot Spares: On-Call Pilots to the Rescue

As the world’s largest package delivery company, UPS runs one of the most reliable operations around. With a fleet of 209 aircraft flying to over 200 countries and territories around the globe, issues occassionally arise with a plane or flight crew. When this happens, we rely on our “Hot Spares” program to recover stranded packages and maintain service to our customers. Read More »