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Thanksgiving is a Time for Giving Thanks… for Hassle-free Travel

If this Thanksgiving is anything like last, about one out of 10 Americans will be traveling to spend time with family and friends. (Last year, AAA projected 42.5 million Americans would travel during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.)

While I’ve never had the personal “pleasure” of flying during the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve certainly heard enough stories to keep me grounded whenever possible. Flight delays and lost luggage have a way of deflating the Thanksgiving spirit.

Now, I can’t solve the whole flight delay thing – after all, weather’s weather – but I can offer some hope for the weary traveler who’s ever lost a piece of luggage: consider shipping your luggage.

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Trekking Beyond Borders

During a recent stop at the customs counter in the new international wing of Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, an agent inspected my passport and said, “Looks like you have your entire life story in here.” A spot-on observation that is true in more ways than one.

My trek to go global began over a decade ago with a month-long journey to attend a global leadership conference in Pune, India. This was just the beginning of my quest, but it opened my eyes to opportunities beyond borders – both personal and business.

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Stop Idling and Get Moving: UPS’s Tips For Fuel Conservation
UPS package car in San Francisco

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, which means millions of people will hit the nation’s back roads and highways en route to vacation destinations. In fact, AAA reports that an additional 500,000 cars will hit the road this Memorial Day weekend compared to last year although many will stay closer to home. Stop and go traffic, poor vehicle maintenance and cars laden with vacation gear can reduce fuel economy significantly.

With 100,000 drivers on the road throughout the world, we have mastered the art and science of fuel conservation. Via a combination of technology and driver behavior, UPS avoided driving more than 63.5 million miles in one year with an associated emissions avoidance of 68,000 metric tonnes.

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UPS My Choice Can Make Your Vacation Dreams Come True…Really!
UPS My Choice Destination of Choice sweepstakes

As spring fever nears and vacation getaways are planned, what if I told you your dream vacation was free? Yes, you heard me right – all you have to do is select the destination, board the plane and a stipend toward travel expenses are covered.

If you sign up for UPS My ChoiceSM now through May 1, 2012, you are automatically entered into the UPS My Choice Destination of Choice sweepstakes.

If you want to stay local – or travel worlds away from real life (which is more my style) – there’s a prize package designed just for you. Two winners will be randomly selected on or about May 14, 2012 – just in time for you to pack your bags and get away.

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Holiday Travel: Convenience or Budget? Why Not Both?

Photo by Bill Ward

Unlike many folks this Christmas, I’m staying put. I won’t be dealing with the stress of holiday travel. Fortunately, I’ve never had to experience traveling during the holidays. In years past, I’ve sat at home and watched on the news as travelers made their way around the country, sometimes getting stuck in airports because of winter storms or missed flights.

Now as a new father, I know my days of enjoying the comfort of my home during the Christmas break are soon to be forgotten. Next year, for example, we’ll be heading to N.Y. to visit my in-laws. To grandma and grandpa’s house we go!

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Over the River and Through the Woods …

With the cost of air travel going up, no one wants to pay the extra fees for checking their bags, which can add up rather quickly depending on quantity and weight. Since these fees were introduced, there has been an increasing trend in shipping luggage ahead. Not only can shipping luggage potentially save travelers money, but it can also lessen the hassle of dealing with luggage at the airport. Read More »