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Deliver More to Mom for Mother’s Day. Join UPS and The UPS Store for the #Deliver2Mom Twitter Parties on May 3.
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At UPS, we’re proud to love logistics. Planning, multi-tasking, transporting … yes, we love it all. But there’s one group that shines as the “original logistics experts” – Moms. They’re often the engineers in the family … keeping everything (and everyone) synchronized while skillfully navigating daily obstacles. At the heart of logistics is a well-run operation. And at the heart of the family is mom.

So how do you celebrate the “CEO” of the family?

Our #Deliver2Mom Twitter Parties will deliver fun ideas and a bit of inspiration to honor moms. We’ll also offer tips to keep your gift giving (and gift shipping) experience hassle free … such as packing advice from The UPS Store and how to manage your deliveries with UPS My Choice.

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Long Time UPS Small Business Customer to Get Social Media Makeover
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Could your small business use a social media makeover? Would it benefit from a consultation with social media experts to help you redirect your efforts, recalibrate your strategy and ultimately achieve results that meet your business objectives?

That’s what’s happening to Charlotte-based Medichest, a health and beauty aid e-commerce site and long-time UPS customer.  

It has been selected to be one of three small companies featured at the SMB Social Media Makeover Forum this May 8th in Charlotte.

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Mostly We’re Asking the Wrong Question About Social Media
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In a recent Facebook chat sponsored by The UPS Store, I fielded the standard questions about generating more leads and more sales, but right on cue I also got several variations of this question/comment about social media.

“I have limited time and all this new social stuff keeps coming, how do I determine what is the best tool to use or where to start?”

It’s a great question, but mostly it’s the wrong question, because it’s centered on tactics – Facebook or Twitter, Blogging or Tweeting – when it should be centered on objectives and results.

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Delivering Love: The Logistics of Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air … and on the road as UPSers gear up to deliver gifts of love for Valentine’s Day. While jewelry topped last year’s list of Valentine’s gifts, candy remains a popular option too. Online retailers will be busy, with 32% of U.S. consumers saying they plan to purchase their Valentine’s gifts on the web this year.

If your love comes in the form of homemade goodies, check out the #HGEATS Twitter chat on February 8 at noon ET. The UPS Store will join Kimberly Moore (twitter.com/hungrygoddess) as they share tips for packing and shipping food. With sweet thoughts on our mind, we created the following infograph to celebrate one of the sweetest holidays on the calendar.

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Tis’ the Season… To Return
Shipping a holiday gift

Tis’ the season to give – receive – and now return. The National Retail Federation estimates shoppers will return more than $46 billion in merchandise this year – that’s up almost 10 percent from two years ago.

Returns season is in full swing at UPS. Today consumers will return more than 500,000 packages!  It’s so many, we’re calling it National Returns Day. Just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we now have a self-proclaimed, unofficial holiday.

With the rise in online shopping this year more people are returning those gifts they couldn’t try on or touch before Christmas. The math is easy: more online shopping = more returns. Many retailers now offer free return shipping, making it even easier for consumers to swap wrong sizes and colors. Today’s deluge of returns will keep our drivers busy delivering just as many packages back to retailers on January 6, 2012.

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UPS #GreenHoliday Twitter Party: Being Green Can Be Easy During the Holidays
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Kermit the Frog famously sang that “It’s not easy being green.” However, the participants at our #GreenHoliday Twitter party could likely inspire Kermit to sing a new tune. Dozens of smart, practical ideas were shared … including a few from UPS Chief Sustainability Office (CSO) Scott Wicker.

Journalist Aman Singh (@amansinghCSR), joined by four fantastic panelists, kicked off the conversation. Scott Wicker shared insights about UPS’s environmental efforts, such as carbon neutral shipping. And The UPS Store offered practical guidance on how to choose eco-friendly materials for packing your shipments (hint: soy and starch-based packaging peanuts can decompose when exposed to moisture such as snow or humidity).

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Love the Holidays but not Gift Returns? Join UPS for the #HolidayReturns Twitter Party on January 3
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Celebrating the holidays is a joyous event. Family, friends, food and gifts. Yet inevitably, returning gifts has become part of the routine during the holidays. In fact, January 3 is the top shipping day for holiday returns at UPS. Just as others created Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re creating a day too that’s dedicated to returns – National Returns Day.

Let’s face it. Returning gifts can feel like a hassle … collecting gift receipts, driving around town, standing in line at the store. Holiday returns are daunting, but they don’t have to be. Read More »

#HolidayPacking Twitter Party Helps Simplify Holiday Travel and Shipping
Shipping a holiday gift

That’s right, folks: another Twitter party come and gone. This time, @TheTravelMom, Emily Kaufman and five fabulous blogger panelists helped UPS and The UPS Store host the #HolidayPacking Twitter party focused on having the best travel experience this holiday by packing and shipping holiday gifts ahead of time, not to mention your luggage!

Participants shared some great travel stories, both the good and the ugly, and lessons learned in the process. @UPS and @TheUPSStore shared some helpful  tips on avoiding the headaches that can come with holiday travel, including UPS My Choice, holiday packing tips and luggage shipping.

The conversation was lively and informative.   Here are some of our favorite tweets about everything from the best ways to pack your items to the strangest things shipped to loved ones. Enjoy!

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#HassleFreeHoliday Twitter Party Delivered Tips for Managing Holiday Logistics
Holiday delivery

Everyone loves a good party! We especially loved last Thursday’s #HassleFreeHoliday Twitter party. Mommy blogger Kelly Loubet (@Childhood) and a panel of four expert bloggers got the holiday logistics ball rolling by leading a great discussion that led to some great tips, ideas and holiday secrets!

In addition to the many great ideas people shared, @UPS and @The UPS Store shared some helpful tips for creating a hassle-free holiday, including UPS My Choice, The UPS Store Pack & Ship Promise and new personalized photo gifts from The UPS Store.

While there were many great tips and tricks shared during the #HassleFreeHoliday hour, we wanted to highlight a few that really stood out to us. From strategic tips for managing the chaos of the holidays to figuring out creative ways to reuse boxes, you can find anything you need to take the hassle out of the holidays! Check them out:

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UPS Wins Brownie Points
Brownie Points

Lisa King found the recipe for success in the kitchen of her small apartment in 1987. She was a school teacher in Cleveland, Ohio, during the day, but at night she loved to bake fudgy brownies.  King eventually turned her hobby and passion into a thriving small business – Brownie Points, Inc.

The online retailer specializes in more than 25 different flavors of gourmet brownies, popcorn and chocolate confections. King and 14 full-time employees are busy producing delicious treats year-round, but from September through December she adds about 25 seasonal workers to handle the 30,000 orders she ships each week during the holidays.

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