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U.S. Commercial Service

Two Things to Focus on When You’re Considering Going International

Over the years I’ve had many companies come to me when they start getting international orders because they aren’t sure how to fulfill them. Sometimes the task is too daunting, so they turn away international orders altogether. Rather than allowing them to walk away from business, UPS and the United States Commercial Service provide training on moving goods internationally.

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The World is Waiting: 3 Steps to Global Growth

This is the fourth post in a series addressing challenges for companies starting to go global with their products and services.

Did you know that UPS customers expanding to new markets grew their UPS exports 2.8 times faster than UPS customers exporting to a single market?  Entering a new country can introduce your products to new customers and jump start growth. Frequently, business owners ask: “Where do I begin?

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UPS CEO Davis Rallies Leaders Against “Tyranny of Protectionism”

ocean cargoRobust and open global trade drives the world’s economic engine, Scott Davis said in a keynote speech to the America’s Competitiveness Forum Nov. 15 in Atlanta. “Everyone wins when trade flows freely,” he said to a room packed with about 1,000 international business and government leaders including the vice presidents of Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Costa Rica.

In his remarks, Scott Davis challenged officials to knock down trade barriers and clear the way for more exports as a driver of global economic growth and prosperity. He said the United States should mend fraying ties with both NAFTA trading partners, Canada and Mexico.

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Economic Recovery: the Right Question Isn’t “When?” But “Where?”

Small businesses trying to read the tea leaves about the strength of the economic recovery might want to consider asking themselves not when, but where is the rebound?  That’s because many countries around the world are emerging from the recession more rapidly than the United States, and now is the time for small businesses to take advantage of the trend.

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Exporting to Canada can Boost Your Business

As the world’s 11th largest economy and the largest trading partner of the U.S., Canada offers a new world of opportunity to U.S. small businesses. Approximately US$1.6 billion in trade crosses the Canada-U.S. border daily. What’s more, with a strong infrastructure, close proximity to the United States and a free trade agreement, Canada is an ideal market for U.S. exporters.

I had the opportunity to ask Janice Corbett, acting minister counselor for commercial affairs at the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS) in Canada, what U.S. companies should know about the Canadian market. Janice has worked with the U.S. embassy for four years and held the position of acting counselor for about six months.

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UPS and the U.S. Commercial Service: A Partnership that Really Delivers

UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis and U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary LockeU.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis recently visited a UPS facility to talk to more than 200 business leaders and entrepreneurs about President Obama’s National Export Initiative and the importance of exporting to the U.S. economy and job creation.

During the meeting, UPS and the Commerce Secretary discussed an expansion of our collaborative efforts to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) export. To help UPS customers grow their exports, we’re working with the U.S. Commercial Service to connect exporting customers with resources to identify new opportunities and additional buyers in new markets. As a division of the Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration, the Commercial Service provides export resources and consultative services to U.S. companies through its network of over 100 U.S. Export Assistance Centers domestically and 120 offices overseas in nearly 80 countries.

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