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The Most Important Sustainability Question at UPS

What is the most energy-efficient way to deliver a package from point A to point B? It’s a good question. And for the legion of engineers at UPS, it’s more than that—it’s a compelling challenge that has profound implications for the global environment.

Let me elaborate. Given a set of parameters like origin, destination, and package weight, I could give you an answer to the question. But as with most things, the technical reality complicates the simplicity of rote formula. Read More »

Native American Heritage Month: Honoring Students’ Heritage

The month of November—along with being the designated “giving thanks” time of the year for most Americans—is also National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month.

Last year, The UPS Foundation once again gave $150,000 to the American Indian College Fund to continue The UPS Foundation funding of AICF’s Tribal College Scholarship program, awarding one student in each of the nation’s tribal college and universities (TCUs) a $2,250 scholarship.

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Hispanic Heritage Month: Funding Dreams
Kendall Boshart

As someone who is fresh out of undergrad and currently dealing with the grad school application process, I’m quite well-versed about just how huge of an obstacle tuition fees can be for many students. I worked two jobs during my undergrad tenure but still needed some outside assistance. Unfortunately, for many this outside help isn’t available.

That’s why programs such as the Hispanic Scholarship Fund are so important. During the last 31 years The UPS Foundation has provided nearly $2 million in support to help families and students with the financial and educational resources they need to achieve a college education.

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UPS Celebrates Global Volunteer Month: Video
UPS Global Volunteer Month

For the tenth consecutive year, UPSers around the globe are coming together during October to participate in Global Volunteer Month. Joining with international organizations such as Special Olympics, The United Way, and The Salvation Army, as well as local groups such as animal shelters and soup kitchens, UPS people are working towards a goal of giving 195,000 volunteer hours during the month. Take a look at the video below to hear The UPS Foundation President Ed Martinez introducing Global Volunteer Month.

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UPS Drivers Know the Dangers of Distracted Driving: Video
Teens driving

UPS has always viewed distracted driving as a serious issue.  It’s a leading cause of vehicle accidents, especially among teens. Distractions come from a variety of sources:  texting, eating, using phones, adjusting the radio or talking with passengers.

To help combat distracted driving, in 2009 UPS and The UPS Foundation developed UPS Road Code, a four-session safe-driving program for teens that teaches the consequences of hazardous and distracted driving. The program leverages UPS’s safety methods and strong safety record.

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The UPS Foundation Gives Thanks Through Communities for More Than 60 Years
Global Volunteer Month

This December marks the 60th anniversary of The UPS Foundation. Our founder, Jim Casey, a visionary in so many ways, was practicing the concepts of “Corporate Citizenship” and “Corporate Social Responsibility” in 1951 long before those words even existed. I’m thankful that I work for a company with a heart. After all, we do love logistics.

I came to The UPS Foundation just over one year ago after eleven years in corporate marketing. The desire to work in the foundation and have a job that allows me to give back started back in 2005. I was selected to attend the UPS Community Internship in McAllen,Texas.  For one month, I was relieved of my daily office responsibilities and asked to do service work in this extremely challenged community. Those thirty days changed my perspective on life. I became thankful for the things I had, and less wishful for those I didn’t.

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The UPS Foundation Grant Inspires More Giving to Environmental Projects

I’m thrilled to share that the UPS $100,000 challenge grant to Donor Choose in support of environmental projects has been matched completely by individual donors.

In 2010, UPS made a $100,000 grant to Donors Choose to support 50% of costs for rural environmental projects for local school children. With help from local agencies, Donors Choose recruited teachers in rural communities across the country to submit environmental projects in 255 different cities. The teachers needed resources like water testing kits, weather forecasting instruments, compost bins, stream modeling set-ups, and butterfly gardens for projects that help children learn about how things work in their environment. And, the money went directly to the teachers to support these projects. 

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UPS Helps Japan Recovery, Pledges $1 Million in Logistics Support

Joe Ruiz with The UPS Foundation

For the last four days, The UPS Foundation’s Joe Ruiz has been on the phone. His job is to figure out how UPS can best leverage its transportation network, humanitarian logistics teams and funds to help the victims of Friday’s tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

Joe has been working with UPSers in Japan to assess whether the roads are good enough to reach the most damaged areas of the country. He’s been talking to colleagues at UPS Airlines to determine whether flights can reliably go in and out of Narita Airport outside Tokyo. Joe also has been coordinating with UPS’s relief partners around the world to determine if they need UPS resources, such as airlift, staff and facilities. Read More »

Work for the Heart… UPS Executive Returns to Haiti for Global Volunteer Month

As we celebrate Global Volunteer Month this October, we’re following up on a story from earlier this year. UPS Business Development Director Craig Arnold went to Haiti In January to volunteer with the Salvation Army in earthquake relief. With the help of The UPS Foundation, Craig has returned to Haiti this week.  Daily, I receive updates and photos from his trip. Below he recounts his first three days…

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Teens off to a Safe Start this Summer with UPS Road Code

Here in Atlanta, school breaks have begun and summer is off to a hot start. This week’s traffic has been lighter and many newly licensed teens are taking to the road, to celebrate summer with pools, parties and freedom. Woo Hoo! But, new drivers equipped with cell phones, iPods, friends and good times, can spell danger on the road…. 

Each year, nearly 3,500 teenagers die nationwide in car accidents – making it the leading cause of death for 15-19 year olds. This alarming statistic makes the need for teen safe driving programs so incredibly important.

For most teens, getting behind the wheel means fun and freedom. But, driving is serious business. At UPS, each of our 100,000 drivers has gone through intensive training in order to keep them and the communities we serve safe. 

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