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Getting Involved: UPS Sets the Bar, Challenges Canadians

Every year, 12.5 million Canadians volunteer their time to charitable and non-profit organizations.  How would the non-profit sector survive without this kind of assistance?  Or without the small group of Canadians –12% of the population – who contribute 78% of the volunteer hours tallied?

Volunteers shape our communities, so that we can happily call them “home.” They help to make parks safe for kids, help fight illiteracy, help build homes, and run for cancer.  Volunteerism like this is not a new or trendy concept to UPS. It is one of the company’s core values to help strengthen the communities in which its employees live and work. 

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Reflections on Helping Haiti

UPSers John Vera and Bill Torres spent six weeks in the Dominican Republic supporting the World Food Programme’s disaster relief efforts following the January 12th earthquake in Haiti. Here’s a look back from John:

After six extremely grueling weeks, both mentally and physically, Bill Torres and I have come to the conclusion of our Haiti humanitarian mission.  Although we were stationed out of the Dominican Republic, it did not make the work load any less difficult or less stressful. On the contrary, the distance often hampered our goal of getting the goods into an impoverished Haiti quickly and efficiently. Since we orchestrated the logistical moves out of the Santo Domingo airport it was often evident that the need and urgency we felt to deliver the goods was not reciprocated by the locals, especially the owners of the bonded warehouses where the goods were stored.

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Disaster Relief: Why Corporations Need to Give More Than Cash

UPS Foundation President Ken Sternad is the author of an opinion piece published on The Huffington Post site:

The earthquake in Haiti has sparked a remarkable global outpouring of generosity. But the relief effort’s success depends on more than donations of cash and goods; it hinges on the consistent and efficient distribution and management of food, medicine, shelter and other life-saving supplies.

Relief agencies, the United Nations, the military and local organizations have put together a basic supply chain to deliver materials to newly established food distribution stations and camps. But their resources are stretched thin as the need for help is so great, and the nation’s infrastructure is so broken. As the global community continues to respond to Haiti and prepare for potential future disasters, it’s critical for the private sector to step up to the plate in ways that far exceed financial donations. There’s a compelling need for corporations to match their dollars with expertise and skilled volunteers to help save lives and rebuild communities after disaster strikes. Read More »

Logistics in Haiti: UPS is Tackling the Challenges in Real Time

Watching the pictures of the hungry people of Haiti, it’s easy to wonder why food and water aren’t yet accessible everywhere. After all it’s been nearly a week since the quake, thousands of relief workers are on the ground, and people around the world have donated money and supplies.

The reason is logistics. The Haiti relief supply chain is global and complex.  Chip Chappelle, an Atlanta-based UPS transportation manager, is spending nearly 24 hours-a-day trying to coordinate shipments of life saving food, water and medical supplies. On top of the usual complexities of international trade, these deliveries are all hampered by broken infrastructure, limited equipment, shifting supply origins and conflicting information.  Read More »

King Holiday: A Day On, Not A Day Off

I was born on April 4 on the first anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, every birthday has been a unique reminder of the teachings and legacy of Dr. King. So I thought it was a fitting honor when Dr. King’s birthday became a national holiday to celebrate the values of justice, compassion and service that he so powerfully lived by. Read More »

UPS Donates $1 Million to Haitian Relief – Here’s How You Can Help

The earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday delivered a devastating blow to the island nation. Disasters such as this remind us of our own vulnerability to the forces of nature. At UPS, we’re committed to delivering aid and supporting relief efforts around the world. Through The UPS Foundation, we’re giving $1 million (USD) in cash and in-kind aid to help the people of Haiti. Read More »

A Call to Action: UPS Assists Global Disaster Relief

On December 26, 2004, the world awoke to the news that a massive tsunami had struck the coasts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and seven other coastal nations bordering the Indian Ocean. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake that spawned the tsunami had the longest duration ever observed, lasting between 8 and 10 minutes, and it produced waves up to 50 feet high that traveled as far as Africa, 3,000 miles from the earthquake’s epicenter. Read More »

Wrapping up the Holidays

I’ve always looked forward to the holidays.  The word “Christmas” conjures up fond memories of some of my favorite things:  baking cookies, school closing (and therefore no homework) for weeks, sledding in the Ohio snowfall, and of course the magic and excitement as a young child over what Santa would bring. 

Christmas morning as a child was the apex of the year, and I can’t imagine a child waking up with no gifts to open.  Apparently, neither can the more than 1,200 UPSers here at our corporate campus, who have adopted a local elementary school in our annual Project Angel volunteer program. Read More »

UPS “Green” Technology Helps Fight Hunger and Feed Millions in the USA

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would say: “Eat your spinach. There are starving kids in Africa!” Well, these days, you don’t have to leave your neighborhood to find people in need. We’re in the deepest recession in a generation with millions of unemployed Americans. That means there’s a lot of hungry people right here at home. So when my colleague Cyndi Brandt at UPS Logistics Technologies told me about Feeding America, I was more than happy to promote how this non-profit organization is using UPS technology to help feed even more people.

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