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Small Business Profile: Wike Bicycle Trailers Goes from a Basement to Across the Globe

I enjoy riding my bike every chance I get.  It’s a great form of exercise; it also helps keep the roads less congested and sets a positive, active example for my children. They’ve even started tagging along on their bikes when I go for a run!

Wike Bicycle Trailers is looking to make our world healthier and more sustainable. With an end goal of getting more people cycling rather than driving, Wike introduces people to new uses for bicycles – from using their trailers to transport pets, groceries and equipment to helping disabled triathletes compete.

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Small Business Rekluse Motor Sports Gives Racers a Competitive Edge

When 7-year-old Al Youngwerth first saw the motorcycle documentary On Any Sunday, he didn’t know he would eventually start an award-winning international motorcycle parts company.  He was just a kid who knew he wanted a dirt bike. He got one when he was eight, and he’s been riding ever since.

Dissatisfied with motorcycle clutches, Youngwerth decided to make a better one back in 2002. It was the beginning of his Boise-based small business Rekluse Motor Sports. Through Boise State University’s Tech Help program, he developed a prototype that redesigned how an automatic clutch operates. Posting on motorcycle forums such as ThumperTalk.com, Youngwerth shared pictures and information, gathering feedback from fellow motorcyclists. Before manufacturing had even begun, Youngwerth presold 50 auto-clutches online.

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The World is Waiting: 3 Steps to Global Growth

This is the fourth post in a series addressing challenges for companies starting to go global with their products and services.

Did you know that UPS customers expanding to new markets grew their UPS exports 2.8 times faster than UPS customers exporting to a single market?  Entering a new country can introduce your products to new customers and jump start growth. Frequently, business owners ask: “Where do I begin?

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AAC Enterprises’ Export Story – Finding Customers Around the World

The Small Business Administration is asking small business owners “where will your next customer come from?” AAC Enterprises, Inc. is finding them all over the world.  Justin Hartenstein started out selling automobile parts out of his garage, and now he designs and develops innovative custom lighting systems for car enthusiasts all around the globe.

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Hogtunes Rides its Way to Success

HogtunesWhen motorcycle owners purchase a bike, they often customize it to make it louder. However, a louder exhaust makes it almost impossible to hear the radio. Mike “Pez” Pesdirz recognized this unique opportunity, and began creating custom audio speakers for Harley Davidson owners. 

Like any new business, things started small. Pez used motorcycle chat rooms to talk about and sell the products. Hogtunes was run out of his basement and Pez was the sole employee. But like any good business, word-of-mouth spread quickly and by 2006, he moved into a warehouse and hired employees. That same year, Pez switched from the courier he had been using to UPS. 

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Updates on ups.com Can Help Simplify a Busy Day

What's New at UPS.comBeing a mom of three young kids, I always have a “To Do” list that’s a million miles long. I went to a workshop recently that encouraged making a “Not To Do” list to help reduce stress and create more time in the day. 

In that spirit, here’s a list of things not to do, thanks to the latest updates on ups.com. 

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SMART Companies Make Greener Choices

On Monday, the Atlanta Tradeport Training Center hosted a unique event aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses improve their environmental performance and efficiency. As part of the Department of Commerce’s Sustainable Manufacturing American Regional Tours (SMARTs), the program provides a great opportunity for businesses to learn how they can implement environmentally-smart practices that deliver improvements both internally and throughout their supply chains. And that’s where I come in.

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Ways to $ave

I deem myself “fiscally prudent” while others have used the tightwad reference. There’s joy in balancing a checkbook to the penny (yes, I still use the book). But value isn’t just comparison pricing. My bottom line satisfaction does take into account convenience, my time and quality of a product or service. Read More »