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Don’t txt & driV
Dan Bledsoe

Never turn a blind eye when it comes to safety. UPSer Dan Bledsoe proves you should never turn a deaf ear either.

Dan is a member of our tractor trailer safety team, and recently he heard something he couldn’t believe on a Roanoke, Virginia radio station.

The station was encouraging teens behind the wheel to text in their answers to contest questions.

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From Bowie to Bieber: UPSer has Seen it All in 40-Year Career
Gene Reilly

Introductions at a typical UPS meeting include name, position and number of years with the company. When I first came to work here, I was amazed at the number of collective years reported. It seemed 20+ years was closer to the rule than the exception. Even now, with 12 years under my belt – sometimes I still feel like a newbie who can barely find the water fountain.

Every year on Founders’ Day, along with celebrating the company’s anniversary, we recognize employee anniversary milestones (20, 25, 30, etc.). And this year, the Communications Department is celebrating the very special 40th anniversary of one of our own. Yes – that’s the BIG 4-0. It is an amazing milestone for one of our favorite characters, Geno “Cool Cat” Reilly.

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Mechanic Andy Grandy Saves A Life

January 10, 2011 was just another typical day for Willow Grove Mechanic Andy Grandy as he drove his shifter, a golf cart sized vehicle, through the feeder yard toward his next job.  Then, in an instant, his day and his life were changed forever.

Feeder Jockey John Thompson was driving on the north side of the building when he noticed a trailer veering toward staged trailers parked in the yard.  Immediately noticing that no one was in the driver seat, he feared the worst. 

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Like Father, Like Son

Donald Scales, a UPS driver for more than 30 years, worked closely with his son, driver-helper Keith Scales, during the holiday delivery rush. It’s their fourth consecutive holiday season working together.. Hear what they have to say: