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Car Trek III: The Search for MPG

In the summer of 1984, I went to the theater and saw Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. William Shatner had his T.J. Hooker hair (Happy 80th Birthday, Shat’!) and afterward I went to Taco Bell and got the collector’s glass with the U.S.S. Enterprise on it. Awesome. The movie was about a search (duh) that was risky and difficult, but the reward was an altruistic goal worth all the risks.

UPS embarks on an epic search today; “The Search for MPG.” UPS is the proving ground for five new vehicles by Utilimaster and Isuzu. These are not alternative fuel vehicles. They are diesel vehicles, but have smaller, 4-cylinder engines and lightweight composite materials to increase their fuel efficiency.

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There’s Electricity on the Road! UPS Deploys 200 Hybrid-Electric Vehicles

With the announcement of 200 new Hybrid-Electric Vehicles, or “HEVs” being deployed this month in eight major U.S. cities, I felt I should write something about it for The Upside. However, when I put my fingers to the keys, I realized the best voices for this entry would be those involved in putting these vehicles on the road.  

So, rather than wax poetic, I sat down with UPS Vehicle Deployment Manager Donna Tisdale for a question and answer chat.


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