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At 75-Years-Young, UPSer and Marathoner ‘Miss Mary’ Exercises for the Health of It
Mary Hansford

Mary Hansford is a walking example of motivation. She has worked at UPS for 15 years, had an entire previous career as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant before retiring and run the New York City Marathon — all by the young age of 75, or going on 76 as she proudly points out.

Miss Mary, who works at UPS’s Worldport global air hub, started her career at UPS as seasonal help in 1996 to earn a few extra dollars. Close to 15 years later, she is still at it, attributing her ability to keep at it to years of healthy living, running marathons and the sheer desire to stay active. She has no plans to retire any time soon. “I’ll know when it’s time to retire, and that time isn’t here yet,” she said.

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UPS Gives German Engineering Students a Lift to the Finish Line

Engineering, innovation, and automobiles are German specialties, and students from the University of Applied Sciences at Zwickau in southeast Germany bring all three together for the Formula Student international auto design competition. The challenge: to create a single-seat, formula-style weekend racer for an amateur driver – following specific technical specifications, emissions standards and safety features – as well as producing a bottom-to-top plan to bring it to market.

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American Trucker Rides with the Big Dog

“Hey, that driver has a beard! What’s with that?” 

I can’t tell you how many times that question was asked when Robb Mariani, the bearded host of American Trucker, put on some browns to ride with UPS’s own safety champ Ron “Big Dog” Sowder. Though you will never see a real UPS driver with a beard, we decided to give Robb a pass on the facial hair. 

Robb and his crew were featuring UPS operations on the Speed Channel show that travels the globe featuring big trucks and the people who drive them. Robb is a real fan of trucks and truckers and his enthusiasm was obvious as he and his crew filmed at Chicago CACH, Cincinnati and Louisville Worldport operations.

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Biofuel Blend Brings Green Future

UPS is looking forward to a greener future, with a switch to a biofuel blend for hundreds of pieces of airport equipment in Louisville, Ky.

Louisville is the home of Worldport, the company’s huge world-wide air hub, and as you might expect, has lots and lots of ground support equipment, which is used to move and load cargo on the ground. Beginning in mid-April all the diesel-powered equipment on the ramps at Worldport will switch to a bio-diesel blend.

Videographer Kelly Hoggard and I put together the attached video with more details about the project.

For UPS, Diversity is Good Business

As a company with operations that touch nearly every country and territory in the world, diversity is part of our identity. Our employees and our customers hail from just about every walk of life.

So it makes sense that we would support diversity in our communities as well. UPS recently joined forces with the Greater Louisville Hispanic Latino Business Council (HLBC) and Greater Louisville International Professionals group to host a networking event for women- and minority-owned businesses in Louisville, Ky. The city is home to our airline and our 5.2 million square-foot international hub Worldport.

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UPS Customer Helps Students See The Forest Through The (Rental) Fees

Could a pricing gun be wielded as a weapon? When I was a poor college student, I thought so every semester at book-buying time.

I knew $60 for the new edition of the medieval history textbook was a ripoff. As an honors student, I was pretty sure medieval history hadn’t changed in, like, a thousand years.

Then there was the business class where we had to buy a $50 textbook at the beginning of the semester – just to tide us over until the professor’s own text came out at mid-term, at another $50. The good news is, both books said pretty much the same thing, so at least our professor knew what he was talking about!

After tuition and living expenses, textbooks are often the single largest cost for college students. Hundreds of dollars a semester are the norm. One former Iowa State University student, Aayush Phumbrha, was so unhappy with the high cost of textbooks that he decided to do something about it. He launched a business.

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Aircraft Marshaller Keeps Planes Rolling in and out of UPS’s Busiest Hub

aircraft taxiRunning a successful airline means running a safe airline. Thousands of people around the world help ensure that UPS Airlines’ enviable safety record stays that way. One of those people is aircraft marshaller Rich McCoun.

The veteran marshaller works at the company’s all-points international air hub, Worldport, in Louisville, Ky. The massive hub has its own aircraft docking wings and handles some 226 in and outbound flights a day.

The middle school baseball coach and father of three has been with UPS for 25 years. His job is to make sure his planes are safely and efficiently directed to and from where they need to be.

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UPS Completes Expansion at Worldport

I have been guilty of bombast. But sometimes, I just can’t help it. When your topic is larger than life, it’s easy to get a little overblown. Worldport, our all-points international air hub, is definitely one of those subjects.

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Behind the Scenes Commentary: UPS Worldport on History Channel’s Modern Marvels

It’s a must-see television event, a sweeping tale showcasing man’s epic struggle against nature, high-tech gadgetry, international big business and a nation’s army on the move.

Sounds like pretty good TV, huh? What is it, you ask? The latest blockbuster from Jerry Bruckheimer? A two-hour “McGyver?” A very special episode of “Blossom?”

Actually, it’s the latest installment of the History Channel’s excellent series, “Modern Marvels,” and it features Worldport, UPS’s international air hub. Starting tonight, the show will air on cable and it might be worth your while to watch.

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It’s the Plan B that Counts

With recent weather events crisscrossing the United States, UPS has been in overdrive managing its network to ensure on-time delivery of time sensitive packages. Events such as snow storms, mechanical failures or crew illnesses can cause daily challenges, but its all in a days work for the UPS Airlines contingency team.

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