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UPS Delights Dancing Deer Baking Co. with On-Time Holiday Deliveries
Dancing Deer Brownie Tin

When your name is Dancing Deer Baking Company, the holidays are a critical time of year and it’s important to have the right business partner pulling your sleigh… or in this case – your trailer.

Dancing Deer started small using a former pizza parlor and a few convection ovens to bake cakes from scratch. The small business quickly morphed into a retail operation and earned recognition for making “the best cake in America.” The cakes are still baked from scratch, along with cookies and brownies that can be ordered online at DancingDeer.com.  You also can find items made with all-natural ingredients at natural food stores, specialty grocers and supermarkets around the country.

Dancing Deer Christmas Carol Gift BasketAbout 35 percent of the company’s annual volume occurs in November and December when holiday gift items such as the Dancing Deer Assorted Brownie Tin and the Christmas Carol Cookie Collection are in high demand.  The Boston-based business adds about 150 seasonal employees to handle the rush when orders increase from 1,200 to 12,000 shipments each day. In addition to more internal manpower, the company relies on UPS to handle holiday logistics. Quantum View® allows customers to track their shipments and helps the operations team manage incoming and outgoing orders. In December, two UPS trailers become permanent fixtures at Dancing Deer’s loading dock. On extremely busy days, those trailers can be filled with holiday orders in just 2 hours. “UPS is our largest and most critical supplier,” said Frank Carpenito, president and CEO. “We need our gift products to arrive on-time and in perfect condition.”

Dancing Deer is passionate about giving back to the community and will send 5,000 packages of cookies to U.S troops stationed abroad for the holidays. The company’s Sweet Home Project assists homeless and at-risk families with opportunities for a higher education all year long.

Through the UPS Small Biz Daily Deals promotion, Dancing Deer is offering a 20% discount to @UPS Twitter followers using the coupon code: UPS20. Hurry and place your gift orders – the offer expires December 18.

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