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Small Busines Video: Speech Privacy Systems
Speech Privacy Systems

How many times have you wished for more peace and quiet at your office, or for the person in the cube next to you to use their “inside voice” so you could get work done?

Small business Speech Privacy Systems helps solve problems like that.  They sell equipment that masks and reduces the travel of speech.  Systems range in scale from personal devices to systems that discreetly cover entire facilities.  They are especially useful in environments where speech is either distracting to others or needs to be obscured due to the confidential nature of what is being said. 

“Our clients expect world-class service.  And we can give them that because of our relationship with UPS,” said Danny Dollyhigh, sales manager at Speech Privacy. 

Speech Privacy is participating in our Customer Technology Program, and is utilizing Quantum View Manage to get proactive email alerts if a package is going to be delayed. The UPS Billing Center is helping them pay invoices online.

Watch this video to learn how Speech Privacy has used our services to save time, reduce costs and satisfy customers.

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